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Plan for Annual 2012

It looks like we already have some great topic ideas rolling here -- since we're getting some of the initial brainstorming out in Connect, what would everyone think of having our meeting time kick off with a topic + small panel for a portion, and then talk business/planning the second half?

Ideas for a topic you'd like to focus on for Annual? Potential panelists?

If any of the other IGs like Code Year or Game Making seem like good crossover, I wonder if we could do some IG speed dating? We'll be in the same shared space anyhow.

It seems we have Saturday morning of the conference for our time slot, and I should be hearing back soon the exact time it will be.

Andromeda Yelton's picture

I would luuuuurrve to see some speed dating possibilities.  We're contemplating what we want our Annual program to be right now (http://connect.ala.org/node/168302 ; weigh in!)


I'm also thinking there's no reason we have to limit speed dating to Annual.  I've been salivating lately over the possibilities of Google Hangouts, e.g.


Anyway, insofar learning/sharing/applying code is useful to instructional technologists, tell us how we can help!  And let's work together!

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I just participated in a G+ Hangout yesterday! Apparently, some of the people watching had viewing quality issues, but from my side, it was a very easy experience. The whole sesson was recorded and can be posted to YouTube, I think. Definitely worth exploring. 

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Using Hangouts would bum me out. One of the concerns we must always consider about instrucitonal technology are the privacy implications. I've just nuked my googlew plus account, and am in the process of a google purge becasue of their new privacy policy. I'm not asking asking anyone to agree with me, or join me, but I am asking that we consider the implications of any tool we use, and that we are asking other people to use to join in.