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MARC Formats Interest Group Midwinter 2012 Report

The MARC Formats IG held a two-hour discussion meeting at which three invited presenters spoke on desiderata and potential solutions in a post-MARC environment.  Speakers were Kelley McGrath, Jennifer Bowen, and Diane Hillmann. Chew Chiat Naun moderated. The meeting room was at capacity and around ninety people signed the attendance sheet.

Kelley McGrath spoke on limitations of the MARC standard that its successor should aim to overcome. Jennifer Bowen described how how eXtensible Catalog handles MARC-sourced data in its FRBR-compliant schema, and talked about plans to support linked data. Diane Hillmann spoke on her project to present MARC as a set of RDF properties in the Open Metadata Registry.

A lively discussion followed the presentations, covering such issues as the coexistence of multiple ways of coding similar data, and the ability to preserve granular data in a mixed general environment.

The presentation slides are available via http://connect.ala.org/node/163477. Mark Ehlert, who was originally slated to speak at this meeting but was unable to travel, also contributed a written paper on the relationship between RDA and MARC.