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Larayne Dallas's picture

RUSA Meeting Highlights -Standards and Guidelines Committee - Midwinter 2012

This report summarizes the Midwinter 2012 meeting of the RUSA Standards and Guidelines Committee.  Members, please send corrections and clarifications.  Larayne

S&G.com_.rep_.mid_.post_.2012.doc443 KB
Charles Thurston's picture

Good summary.  I don't recall if we had plans to get back to Ana Sofia Mota, the doctoral student.  I wonder if anyone ever followed up with her.

Larayne Dallas's picture

Yes, that is on my to-do list!  I had sent some information about the two guidelines with which I was most familiar but will follow up.  Larayne

Steve Alleman's picture

I also wanted to report back from the CODES board meeting.  Remember the issue of the Elements for Basic Reviews?  It's due for review next year, but the committee that was assigned to it in the past (Materials Reviewing Committee) has not been able to attract members.  Also the only thing the committee had done in the recent past was the previous update of these guidelines.  The board discussed this matter and didn't want to continue to appoint a committee for this one task.  Plus people looked at the guidelines and found them excessively long (45 pages!), and no one thought reviewers were consulting this document.  So they voted to sunset these guidelines.  I don't know whether it's appropriate to wait until they're due for review or whether we'd recommend this to RUSA board presently.  I mentioned during the discussion that the RUSA board has not looked with favor on sunsetting guidelines, but CODES still voted to sunset.

Larayne Dallas's picture


Thank you for the update.  I am very interested to know how others feel about this. 

Two thoughts:

-As we discussed at Midwinter, there is always the possibility of a task force replacing a committee as the shepherding group -- especially when the topic/content is important to us.

-If we think the CODES Executive Committee will be unmoved by second thoughts and additional discussion, we might as well move ahead with sunset right now.  CODES is the logical section.  I don't know that anyone else will take on this one.  A RUSA-level task force could be appointed but I don't know how likely it would be with CODES recommending against.

-Well, then a third thought.  Should we ask ask the CODES Executive Committee to at least have some folks look again to make sure that this is what they want?  In my experience, when topics come up at board meetings (as I think this did), decisions can be rash.