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Revised minutes

I have revised the minutes of the January 9 meeting using your suggestions and a template provided by EBSS.  Please take a look and let me know if you approve them.  Minutes are supposed to be in to Bruce Stoffel by the end of the week.

Hope you are all having a great semester,


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Hi,  I approve, if there are some minor typo changes:

A couple places have extra spaces.  Not critical, but if you are revising, might as well clean up....  IIIb.  after  2009; there is an extra space:   updated in 2009;  a copy   ....  IIIc.  - after describing there is an extra space:   describing  the procedures...  VI a.  after job there is an extra space:  just beginning the job;  she has some...  VIb.  after  Farney there is an extra space:  Farney,  are....

IIId.  wrapup   should be  wrap up or   wrap-up

VI b.   committe   should be commitee



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Professor and Head, Undergraduate Library
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I also approve, but I think I might be a non-voting member....