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Hosting Public Forums @ your library--Archived Webinars and Downloads

 ALA Center for Civic Life


 The Conversation Continues:

Hosting Public Issues Forums @ your library

The Place Where Democracy Happens 

 Learn to convene and moderate community discussions in

4 free monthly online workshops presented through ProgrammingLibrarian.org with support from the ALA Cultural Communities Fund.

Webinar #1

Getting Started

An Introduction to Convening Forums @ your library

Tuesday, February 28

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 Webinar #2

Moderating Forums @ your library--Nuts and Bolts

Tuesday, March 27, 4:00-5:00 EST; 3:00 – 4:00 CST; 1:00 – 2:00 PST

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 Webinar # 3

Practicing Moderating @ your library

Tuesday, April 24

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 Webinar #4

Convening Forums @ your library--Nuts and Bolts

Tuesday, May 22

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Webinar #5

Guides for Community Discussions:

National Issues Forums (NIF) and Others

Tuesday, November 5th, 2013

4:00-5:00 p.m. EDT; 3:00 – 4:00 pm CDT; 1:00 – 2:00 PDT


 Downloadable resources below

For More Information, contact: Carolyn Caywood, cacaywood@cox.net; Nancy Kranich, nancy.kranich@rutgers.edu; Angela Hanshaw, ahanshaw@ala.org


The American Library Association’s Center for Civic Life, launched in 2010 with the Kettering Foundation, promotes community engagement and fosters public deliberation through libraries. The Center is building the capacity of libraries and librarians to help citizens engage in the civic life of their communities.



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Privacy Issue Map_CC License.pdf76.02 KB
Privacy Forum Moderator Guide_CC License.pdf1 MB
Privacy Forum Participant Guide_CC License.pdf1.33 MB
Privacy Conversation Participant & Moderator Kit1.76 MB
Webinar 1 Power Point2.49 MB
Webinar 2 Power Point2.22 MB
Webinar 3 Power Point15.71 MB
Webinar 4 Power Point10.08 MB
Webinar 5 Power Point2.75 MB
Center for Civic Life Moderator Training Guide.pdf312.28 KB
3 Cs--Compromise, Consensus, and Common Ground.pdf49.2 KB
3 Ds-Debate, Discussion, Deliberative Dialogue.pdf52.81 KB
Consensus Moderator hints and tips.pdf56.57 KB
Kettering Working Through Difficult Decisions brochure low 9-2011.pdf381.75 KB
Art of Powerful Questions World Cafe.pdf284.59 KB
Training flyer spring 2012 detailed sessions.pdf148.46 KB
NIFI Organizing for Public Deliberation.pdf101.5 KB
NAMING and Framing Issues for Public Deliberation.pdf225.92 KB
Making Choices Together.pdf1.12 MB
CCL 10 great resources.pdf93.33 KB
Does Anything Happen as a Result of a Forum.pdf44.28 KB
What is Public Deliberation and Why is it Important.pdf65.4 KB
Findings from Studies of Public Deliberation.pdf34.82 KB
NIF Success in School Issue Book.pdf556.4 KB
NIF Weighing the Options Issue Book.aspx_.pdf1.04 MB
NCDD2010_Engagement_Streams.pdf575.1 KB
Q & As.docx142.82 KB
Convening Logistics.pdf117.96 KB
Elevator Speech Deliberative Dialogue.pdf81.06 KB
TURN QUIZ--Harwood Institute.pdf41.53 KB
Privacy Forum Preconference 6-21-12.pdf130.88 KB
Webinar Flyer.pdf118.58 KB
Webinar bios.pdf128.1 KB
Webinar 5 Llinks128.08 KB