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Discussion 2012 Amelia Bloomer Project List

by Angela Semifero on Thu, Feb 2, 2012 at 02:10 am

The Amelia Bloomer Project 2012 Selection List has been posted at www.ameliabloomerproject.wordpress.com.  What is your favorite title from this year's list?

A project of the ALA Social Responsibilities Round Table Feminist Task Force

Charge of the Committee

To select from the current year’s publications, books with strong feminist messages for young people from birth to age 18, and to annotate the selected titles.

Purpose of the List

The list presents well-written and illustrated books with strong feminist messages published in the past 18 months that are recommended for young people from birth through eighteen years of age. It is a list of quality fiction and nonfiction titles that affirm positive roles for girls and women.

Fiction and nonfiction should have readable text and a format appealing to young readers. Titles must be accurate and able to stand on their own. Although the list attempts to present a variety of reading tastes and levels, no effort will be made to balance the list according to subject, area of interest, age or genre.

Target Audience

The list is prepared for the use of young people, from birth through eighteen years of age. Adults who work with young readers may also find it of interest.

For more information about the Amelia Bloomer Project, please visit http://ameliabloomer.wordpress.com

For questions about the project, please e-mail ameliabloomerlist@gmail.com

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