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Post MidWinter Meeting Conference Committee Report (Form D.2)

Form D.2, Post-Midwinter Meeting/Annual Conference Committee Report

Midwinter Meeting Report

Name of Committee: Program Coordinating Committee

Priority Group Area and Number: Priority Group IV, Organizational Support


Priority Group Consultant: Carol Phillips


Committee Chair: Angela Nolet                                  Date: 1/30/12

Members Attending:

Angela Nolet (Chair, 2011 - 2012)

Dr. Allison G. Kaplan (Member, 2010 - 2012)

Karen Kessel (Member, 2011 - 2013)

Jennifer Knight (Member, 2011 - 2013)

Carol K. Phillips (Consultant, 2011 - 2013)

Jenny Najduch (Staff Liaison, 2011 - 2014)

Members Absent: (Please note any unexcused absences regarding meeting attendance in a separate email to the ALSC President, ALSC Executive Director, and your Priority Group Consultant; please also note that media evaluation and award committee attendance is mandatory during both the Annual Conference following the first Midwinter and the Midwinter Meeting at which the selections are made):

Caitlin E. Dixon (Past-Chairperson, 2011 - 2012)

Maralita L. Freeny (Member, 2010 - 2012)


Tali Balas, ALSC Executive Committee Fiscal Officer

Cecilia McGowan, ALSC Director


Summarize Committee discussion, any decisions reached, and follow-up action needed, including suggestions for future programs or publications based on the committee’s work.

  1. 2012 ALA Programs: All forms are in and the committee is on track.
  2. 2012 Hot Topic Program: Selected “There’s an App For That” and notified the ALSC Children and Technology committee at the All Committee Meeting so they could start work immediately. ACTION: Jenny will follow up with them to get caught up on form submission.
  3. 2012 Evaluations: PCC will use Survey Monkey and have the link posted on presenter slides, on Connect and as a QR code. We will offer prizes from ALSC for people who fill out surveys and choose to enter their contact information. ACTION: Angela will draft the slide for presenters ACTION: Jenny will confirm where the survey link will go on Connect and on the Handouts Page.
  4. 2013 Program Planning: PCC will continue using the online form submission and will look for Caldecott programs. ACTION: Angela will send out a call for submissions mid February.
  5. Committee Manual: The committee went through the draft manual. ACTION: Angela sent revisions out on 1/27 for further review. The goal is to have a finished manual by ALA in June.

How did the Committee’s activities since the last conference and during this conference help to achieve your objectives and meet the timetable set by the Committee?

In the Fall we helped select the programs for the ALSC Institute using the same forms and process already in place by the committee for selecting programs for the Annual Conference.

We had a lenghty discussion about the draft committee manual. Jenny from ALSC had seeded it with the Committee charge and ALSC information and Angela filled in more details. The committee came to Midwinter prepared to edit this first draft and had a thorough discussion about the when members come on the committee and where the program process is at those points. We discussed what it would look like to move the committee appointments but eventually came full circle that the current timeline works best. But it was a good to think through how the committee timeline works. The committee plans to have the manual finished for ALA in June.

How have the Committee’s activities since the last conference support and further ALSC’s Strategic Plan? Specifically, after each relevant goal area and objective below, describe how your activities contributed to the strategic plan.


Goal Area:  Advocacy

ALSC will promote and advance excellent library service for all children.

Objective 1:  Increase awareness of the value of excellent library service for all children.

Objective 2:  Increase ALSC involvement in ALA legislative initiatives.

Objective 3:  Increase funding for research and evaluation.

Objective 4:  Increase access to library services.


Goal Area:  Education

ALSC will strengthen, support, and advance research and education in the area of library services to children.

Objective 1:  Enhance continuing education opportunities for children’s librarians, youth service staff, and other internal and external stakeholders. By working on the conference programs, the committee helps shape the educational experience of ALSC members. We also helped in the selection of the ALSC Institute Programs for 2012.

Objective 2:  Increase research and evaluation projects in the area of children’s library service.

Objective 3:  Continue to advocate for the inclusion of comprehensive coursework in children’s literacy and children’s library service courses in graduate and undergraduate programs.

Objective 4:  Increase the number and diversity of people who choose library service for children as a profession.


Goal Area:  Collaboration

ALSC will work collaboratively within ALA, the profession, and the wider community to ensure excellent library service for all children.

Objective 1:  Increase the effectiveness of ALSC’s current collaborative efforts.

Objective 2:  Increase opportunities to work in coalition with other related groups.

Objective 3:  Increase public awareness of the value of library service to children.

What problems did you encounter? What were the highlights of the committee meeting(s)?

We needed clarification on when committee members are appointed and their mandatory attendance at which conferences; these questions have been answered by ALSC post conference. The highlight of the meeting was our discussion of the committee timeline.

What are your objectives and timetable for work to do between now and the next conference?

Continue coordinating with Program Coordinators to get forms in on time.

Solicit program submissions for 2013 programs.

Set up evaluations on Survery Monkey with the ALSC office.

If you have recommendations for changes in your committee structure or charge, please describe in detail by filling out a Form K.  Submit the completed form to the ALSC President, Priority Group Consultant, Organization and Bylaws co-chairs, and ALSC Executive Director.

If you have any committee activity or issues that require Board action, please complete a Board of Directors Action Form.




Angela Nolet     1/30/12

Signature of person reporting                                                                 date


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