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2012 Mid-Winter Committee Report - Library Service to Special Population Children & Their Caregivers

Form D.2, Post-Midwinter Meeting/Annual Conference Committee Report


NOTE: Please use this form during conference to take notes. Submit one copy of the completed report (electronically) to the ALSC Executive Director, your priority group consultant, President, and Vice-President/ President Elect within three weeks of the end of the conference.  


Please note: Additionally, please upload your report to your ALAConnect committee environment at http://connect.ala.org (and mark the document as public), so that your committee and all ALSC members interested in your committee work may access your report.  If your committee is a professional or book and media award committee, please do not include confidential information in your report.


Please check one:

q Annual Conference Report                                                X Midwinter Meeting Report


Name of Committee: Library Service to Special Population Children and their Caregivers


Priority Group Area and Number: Child Advocacy (Priority Group I) 


Priority Group Consultant: Betsy Orsburn


Committee Chair: Paula Holmes                               Date:  1/28/2012


Members Attending:  Africa Hands, Betsy Dalton, Deborah Sandler and Paula Holmes.  By Phone - Amy Johnson Via Skype - Tess Prendergast and Tricia Twarogowski


Members Absent: (Please note any unexcused absences regarding meeting attendance in a separate email to the ALSC President, ALSC Executive Director, and your Priority Group Consultant; please also note that media evaluation and award committee attendance is mandatory during both the Annual Conference following the first Midwinter and the Midwinter Meeting at which the selections are made):


Guests:  Betsy Orsburn and Carrie Banks by Phone


Summarize Committee discussion, any decisions reached, and follow-up action needed, including suggestions for future programs or publications based on the committee’s work.


The majority of the meeting was selecting this year’s Candlewick Press Light the Way grant recipient.  This year’s winner was Memphis PL “Read with Me, Sign with Me”.  Reasons for our decision were written and submitted to the ALSC Board.  The winner was notified and the committee approved the letter to non-winners.  The chair mailed these letters on 1/28/12.  One grant application that we did not move forward with was thought worthy of an article in Children and Libraries.  A follow up call to this library will be placed before the end of February.  Discussion on a program for Chicago on teen parents and their children was discussed and will continue online.  Carrie Banks contacted the committee on partnering with YALSA/ASCLA on a program in Anaheim involving incarcerated youth and adults.  We have agreed and will work on publicity and handouts for this program.  Our final discussion was on our charge language and Form K.  Betsy Orsburn attended this portion of the meeting to help explain the process and procedure.  Deborah Sandler will work on the wording and send a revised draft to the committee by 4/1/12.


How did the Committee’s activities since the last conference and during this conference help to achieve your objectives and meet the timetable set by the Committee?


Sensory Storytime handouts were posted on ALAConnect. 


The objective of the committee, “will start finding ways to highlight other underserved populations throughout the year” is ongoing.  This was discussed on ALA Connect.  At Midwinter we decided that providing additional resources on ALA Connect and the ALSC blog is a way to reach a large audience.  Two areas suggested are children of incarcerated parents and juveniles in detention and Teen parents and their children.  We will also partner with ASCLA/YALSA in Anaheim.


The committee reviewed the “Light the Way” grant application. We changed the date to give the committee additional time to evaluate the applications.  The committee received and evaluated 29 applications prior to Midwinter 2012.



How have the Committee’s activities since the last conference support and further ALSC’s Strategic Plan? Specifically, after each relevant goal area and objective below, describe how your activities contributed to the strategic plan.


Goal Area:  Advocacy

ALSC will promote and advance excellent library service for all children.

Objective 1:  Increase awareness of the value of excellent library service for all children.   

Objective 2:  Increase ALSC involvement in ALA legislative initiatives.

Objective 3:  Increase funding for research and evaluation.

Objective 4:  Increase access to library services.

The LTW grant recipient will be providing services to children who are deaf or hard or hearing, their parents, caregivers and siblings.


Goal Area:  Education

ALSC will strengthen, support, and advance research and education in the area of library services to children.

Objective 1:  Enhance continuing education opportunities for children’s librarians, youth service staff, and other internal and external stakeholders.

We are participating in programming in Anaheim on focusing on services to those who are incarcerated.  We are also working on programming for Chicago 2013.  Just as LSSPC has made the Sensory Storytime information available on ALA Connect, we plan to do the same with the programs for Anaheim and Chicago so that those not able to attend conferences have access to the resources.

Objective 2:  Increase research and evaluation projects in the area of children’s library service.

Objective 3:  Continue to advocate for the inclusion of comprehensive coursework in children’s literacy and children’s library service courses in graduate and undergraduate programs.

Objective 4:  Increase the number and diversity of people who choose library service for children as a profession.


Goal Area:  Collaboration

ALSC will work collaboratively within ALA, the profession, and the wider community to ensure excellent library service for all children.

Objective 1:  Increase the effectiveness of ALSC’s current collaborative efforts.

Objective 2:  Increase opportunities to work in coalition with other related groups.

Partnership with ASCLA/YASLA for Anaheim programming

Objective 3:  Increase public awareness of the value of library service to children.



What problems did you encounter? What were the highlights of the committee meeting(s)?


The basement of the Convention Center was not conducive to Wi-Fi reception.  The Internet connection to Skype went in and out; providing a better communication tool for virtual meetings would be helpful to our committee.  The highlights were the discussions, choosing the winner and the opportunity to brainstorm.


What are your objectives and timetable for work to do between now and the next conference?


Our objective is to provide education on our focus populations.

Draft of Charge to committee - Deborah Sandler - 4/1/12

Programs discussion for Chicago - Committee - Ongoing Online - Deadline 4/1/12

Partner with YALSA/ASCLA - Anaheim - Publicity Blitz 4/1-6/23/12

Contact Calcasieu Parish Public Library on Article for Children & Libraries 2/29/12


If you have recommendations for changes in your committee structure or charge, please describe in detail by filling out a Form K.  Submit the completed form to the ALSC President, Priority Group Consultant, Organization and Bylaws co-chairs, and ALSC Executive Director.


We are moving forward on revising our charge and submitting Form K before Anaheim.


If you have any committee activity or issues that require Board action, please complete a Board of Directors Action Form.



Paula J Holmes                                                                                   01/28/12

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