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ACRL NMDG MW12 Wrap-up

The ACRL NMDG panel "What I wish I'd learned in library school" was a huge success! Thanks to all of those who attended and especially to the panelists, Tahirah Akbar-Williams, Carli Spina, R. Niccole Westbrook, and Micah Vandegrift. Below you'll find a link to Carli's handout. It's also uploaded into the online docs folder.


Despite 4 tests of the audio/video recording prior to beginning the session (all of which worked), the audio seems to be non-exisitent. I'm troubleshooting it and will post it if/when I get it working. If it can't be fixed I'll be uploading a summary of the conversation, but I'm really hoping that I'm just forgetting to click a button :)