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EBSS Membership and Orientation Committee

Minutes: Membership and Orientation Committee

Education and Behavioral Sciences Section
Association of College and Research Libraries
ALA Virtual Midwinter Meeting
Tuesday, January 10, 2012, 3:00 - 4:00 pm (Eastern time)

Note: The meeting will be held virtually.

On Conference Call from Committee membership:  Scott Collard (Chair), Ann Brownson, Kirsten Kinsley, Nancy O'Brien, Dottie Persson, Deborah L. Schaeffer, Ericka Raber,

Could not attend call: Hazel Walker & Guest: Bee Gallegos (publications committee liaison)

I.    Welcome and Introductions (5 mins)

a.    Minute taker: Kirsten Kinsley

II.    Midwinter social in Dallas (5 mins)

ALOFT Hotel Dallas
1033 Young Street
(214) 761-0000

Scott and Nancy have reported that they are attending ALA Mid-Winter. Scott will be at the Midwinter social in Dallas, Nancy cannot attend the social due to other obligations.

III.    Membership updates (10 mins)

a.    Numbers

November report revealed that membership numbers appear to be holding steady around 900. Scott reported that these numbers represent a 2 month lag in reports given.  A discussion ensued about end of year renewals that may give membership numbers a bump.  Retirees are remaining active.  Membership numbers generally increase in years that coincide with the ACRL conference.

Deciphering the meaning of membership categories was discussed, such as:  "Cont- 2Free", Life membership ("free" and "no free"). One committee member remarked that they have a Life membership to ALA that does not include free memberships to divisions/sections, but maybe this was granted at another time to others before her? 

Does non-salaried mean unemployed, newly graduated members in the transition from graduation to getting a job? Another committee member speculated that this might mean that non-salaried includes librarians who are in a non-librarian position or for those who get paid on hourly basis.

Another question was:  Does the renewal process indicate status?  We can update our profile any time.  Ericka commented on how the renewal form suggests that three sections or interest groups are free as part of ACRL membership, but it appears that we are allowed only 2 sections and one interest group. Others agreed that this seemed true for them too.  We need clarification on membership categories.

Action item: Scott will get clarification or "glossary" for membership levels so that we can better interpret the membership statistics.

b.    Letters

Letters are sent to anyone who is a new, reinstated member, or a dropped membership.  Since June:
"    52 new members letters sent (does not include Nov.)
"    6 reinstates
"    82 drops

Sending letters are an effective way for reminding those who forgot to renew to do so. Scott reported that numbers did not appear atypical for this time of year based on prior cyclical membership rolls.

c.    Surveys (reviewed results at ALA annual)

Surveys link to drop and renews. Nothing "earth-shattering" reported.  EBSS joining is due to subject areas help (81%) and secondly due to possible job opportunities (about 50%). Top two reasons for dropping membership include: 1. Job Responsibilities changing and 2. Financial reasons

We will revisit this at annual. Survey questions do get periodic answers.
M+O would like to update EBSS web site to respond to potential and continuing members needs and interests as reflected in the survey results

IV.    Outreach and retention programs (30 mins)

a.    Buddies program: 14-15 buddies currently paired.

Buddies program still active, not advertised in a while.  No new buddy requests since Annual.  Buddies program announced in new membership info. ACRL Section membership group chairs are working on a more proactive process to growing this program.  There's a proposal on the table to match new members automatically with buddies.  This will be discussed during annual with ACRL section membership groups. Nancy brought up the idea and long-term EBSS members be asked to get more involved in connecting and encouraging new members.  The process may become more formal with auto-assigning. Materials to train and guide the buddy process with more concrete information is being suggested for a goal for matching a dozen buddies per month.

A marketing rule of thumb that Scott learned as part of ACRL membership chairs is that 7 to 10 contacts with each new recruit encourages "stickiness of people."  One of the committee members wisely suggested that we find a way to automatically add new members to the listserv -EBSS discussion group where they have to request to opt-out if they want, but where they will automatically be added in.  Can the EBSS listserv be migrated to ALA Connect?

Action Item: Scott will look in to with section membership. Kirsten will ask another ACRL committee chair that she is on to see if they know (Susan Whyte from ACRL LTDC).

b.    Brochure update

Brochure continues to be in process; executive committee is interested in funding a professional layout of the finished brochure.

c.    Website updating

We began our work on this at ALA annual.  We need to do more editing of what's there.  Scott proposed that we get a little done in bits and pieces before ALA Annual.  Proposals will go to exec. Metadata might be enhanced to provide better SEO, and some redirects seem to not be working in the new site either.

Action Item:  Time permitting, Scott will bring this up transition to Drupal issues and cataloged problems with web site etc. to membership committee chairs.

Action Item: Scott will contact Beth Kumar about problems with URL redirect. 

Action Item:  Scott will conduct a web site inventory and then ask for people to volunteer for certain sections. We are to get back to him on what we will do and will work on this prior to the Annual meeting to make suggestions and include recruiting language in the site.

d.    Other?

Scott encouraged us to send more outreach ideas.

V.    Mid-semester meeting (5 mins):

a.    Planning for annual

b.   Schedule a date: Next meeting is for 2pm on Thursday, 3/29 for a conference call.

VI.    Other business:

a.    Announcements:

  • Dottie Persson asked for support for re-election to ALA Council for Member at Large where she can bring her EBSS background to the Council.
  • Congratulations to Nancy O'Brien and Ann Brownson for their book chapters being included in a newly published book called:  Curriculum Materials Collections and Centers: Legacies from the Past, Visions of the Future. Nancy and/or Ann is going to email Rita Kohrman about making an announcement of this on the EBSS listserv.
  • Since Scott's term as Committee Chair ends July 1, we are all encouraged to think about taking this role.

VII.    Meeting review and wrap up (5 mins)