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Publications Midwinter 2012 Minutes

Attendance: Kristin Antelman, Chair; Andy Boze, Paul Bracke, Marta Deyrup, Brad Eden, Bob Gerrity, Judy Jeng, Laura Krier, Jane Monson, Zoe Stewart-Marshall, Jessica O’Brien, Mary Taylor (LITA Executive Director), Maurice York (Publications Board liaison)

  1. Welcome and Introductions
  • Kristin welcomed new member, Jane Monson, to the committee
  1. eITAL
  • Update on the transition – Bob reports that Boston College will be hosting ITAL using the OJS open source publishing platform and that the March edition will be fully online
  • ITAL content prior to 2000, has been scanned and eventually  the entire run will be available electronically
  • ITAL will continue to be published quarterly, at least for this first year
  • The editorial scope statement for ITAL is outdated and needs to be revised; the Editorial Board will review at its meeting
  • Committee recommended no action be taken to explain the few concerns expressed on LITA-l about the move to electronic access – notes were made to focus on the positive aspects of membership
  1. Report from Mary Taylor, LITA Executive Director
  • Neal-Schuman, which has been acquired by ALA Publishing, will honor existing contracts including the Tech Set 2
  • Discussion on database contracts related to ITAL; if ITAL is open access with a CC-BY license, why would they still pay us?; should the license be non-commercial?
  1. Report from Marta Deyrup, Acquisitions Editor
  • Marta distributed a list containing LITA guides currently in production and a few that were being considered for publication by Neal-Schuman
  • Five guides were published in 2011, of which Getting Started in Cloud Computing was the number one seller
  • Possible topics for the future were discussed including: copyright concerns for e-resource licenses: a primer (not a core topic for LITA), a trainer’s toolkit (not in this form), negotiating e-resource licensing (other divisions active in this area), how to implement creative commons license, ERM and e-resources, implementing a technology sandbox—both virtual and physical, implementing integrated discover tools.
  • Other sources of Guide ideas were discussed (Education and Forum committees, the recent CNI Task Force Meeting, and the new ALA Digital Content Working Group).
  • Marta will develop the list and review with Publications before sending out a call for proposals.
  • The committee supported the proposal for a guide on digital preservation.


  • Maurice reported back from the ALA Publications meeting and other discussions ensued
    • ALA Publishing does not have any e-book options yet (either native e-book or e-book version of a print book)
    • They are conducting a market survey of how journals and monographs are published across the ALA divisions
    • Discussion of LITA’s current contract with Neal-Schuman – 10% to division, 10% to author; if published outside ALA Publications—13% of royalties to ALA, but for publishing within ALA there’s no overhead
    • Mary reported that even with the merger, all current contracts, including works in process, will be honored.
    • Necessary for the current production timeline for guides to be maintained
    • Mary noted that it was the subscribers that financially supported the print ITAL and not the members’ dues.
    • Discussion regarding revenue generated from companies who index ITAL
    • Maurice will take to the LITA Board: the question of ITAL open-access license and the best apps concept
  1. 50 Best Apps
  • Still need a point person from LITA pubs
  • Discussion on the current iteration of this idea
  • Brad suggesting having the apps as a web-access feature that would serve as a value-added benefit for LITA members, a sort of library apps toolkit that will have to be further researched and discussed. He expressed interest in working on it.
  1. e-Monographs
  • Still need a point person from LITA pubs
  • Option of publishing e-monographs in the ALA store
  • Laura suggesting researching self-publishing best practices
  1. Other Business
  • Zoe read the committee’s charge to be considered for an update at our next meeting.
  • Note was made to invite Cody Hansen, Chair, LITA Education Committee, to the next meeting



Respectfully submitted by Jessica O’Brien