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Jeffrey Scherer (non-member)'s picture

LLAMA BES APL Midwinter Meeting Minutes

Attached are the meeting minutes from our committee meeting held on Janaury 21, 2012 from 8:00-10:00AM.

Traci Lesneski's picture

Thanks for posting minutes, Jeff. Sounds like a good meeting.

Peter Bolek's picture

Hi Jeff –thanks for posting the minutes. 
One correction – the program that I will re-draft for 2013 is being referred to
as “build it now” - I think you inadvertently labeled it as shared spaces.

It was good to see everyone at w:st="on">ALA and I hope everyone
enjoyed the evening at Bill’s Sunday – sorry I had to miss that.


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APL Midwinter Meeting Minutes (updated) - LLAMA BES Architecture for Public
Libraries Committee (Buildings & Equipment Section)

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Architecture for Public Libraries Committee (Buildings & Equipment Section)

2012 ALA
Midwinter >> "LLAMA BES APL Midwinter Meeting Minutes"

By: Jeffrey Scherer


are the meeting minutes from our committee meeting held on Janaury 21, 2012
from 8:00-10:00AM.

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Thanks for the quick post, Jeff!

Sounds like some terrific programs.  Sorry to miss the meeting, but I will see you in Anaheim!