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Agenda Web Coordinating Committee 2012 ALA Midwinter Meeting

Tags: Agendas | 2012

Library & Information Technology Association
of the American Library Association
2012 Midwinter Meeting, Dallas Texas

Web Coordinating Committee
Meeting Agenda

21 January, 2012

  1. Call to order Andy Boze
  2. Introductions Andy Boze
  3. Approval of Agenda Andy Boze
  4. Reports

a)    Links & Structures Team Report - Submitted by David Vess

David Vess, Holly Nguyen, and Patrick Confer worked with LITA and ALA ITTS Staff since August 2011 on a large-scale LITA website project.  The project involved:

      • repairing / cleaning up code of pages or removal of pages (hundreds);
      • repairing, or removal of thousands of broken links (thousands) (removing whole pages helped whittle this number down);
      • restructuring the entire site into the ALA information architecture
      • creating committee landing pages for all LITA committees which features automated posting of public committee documents and posts in their ALA Connect space, and dynamically generated committee rosters from the ALA iMIS database.

The result was a smooth site migration into the new content management system as of 23 November, 2011.  It came in that night with no broken links reported. 

b)    Recent Reports of Problems Report Submitted by David Vess

JOLA – Broken Links

So much for our perfect record of no broken links.  In the second week of January a LITA member reported all links to journal content were broken on Journal of Library Automation (JOLA).  David V is working with ITTS on this issue.  It appears that the JOLA directory did not migrate into the Drupal system.  There is a version of the site still available in the collage system.


LITA Membership Directory

On 9 January, a LITA member reported to David V that all email addresses in the LITA Membership Directory are shuffled.  No one’s email address is with their profile.  David V is working with ITTS on this issue.

5. Open Issues

c)     Seven Remaining Strategic Plan Projects - Submitted by David Vess for Discussion

In December 2010, WCC was issued a list of eight projects, based out of the LITA Strategic Plan. To date, the one – the web site clean-up, restructuring and migration project. – is the only plan started and completed.  This committee has seven remaining strategic plan projects to attend to.

Proposed (by David V, please modify as needed):  Committee members volunteer for at least one project on the Strategic Plan Submission.  They will establish communication as a group.  They will assess the task documentation supplied on the committee’s Strategic Plan Submission and add additional information as needed to their plan by 21 February.  They will commit to a work schedule that includes monthly reporting to the WCC email list around the 21st of each month until 2012 Annual Conference.

d)    LITA Forms Project - Submitted by David Vess for Discussion

There is also a need to improve the visibility and availability of LITA forms.  This project is not on the LITA Strategic Plan but would be another to consider for now or sometime later.  Project Proposals MS Word Document

LITA-Forms-Project.docx30.76 KB