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Proposed Discussion Group on Digitization of Special Collections

Executive Committee Meeting agenda item 8.1 (under New Business) is a proposal from Henry Raine to create a new discussion group. He wrote:

I'd like to suggest that RBMS establish an ongoing discussion group on the topic of the digitization of special collections.  Although this was not one of the recommendations that came out of the final report of the Digitization of Special Collections Task Force that was discharged in 2009, I think there is considerable interest in this topic, and RBMS members and other ALA attendees would welcome a regular opportunity to share experiences, raise issues, and talk about new trends in the digitization of special collections.  This seems especially appropriate given the increasing emphasis on the value that special collections and unique materials bring to libraries, and the importance of making them accessible through digitization.

Here's a draft of a statement of purpose:

Digitization of Special Collections Discussion Group

Purpose: To provide an open forum for the presentation and discussion of topics and issues relating to the digitization of rare books and special collections materials.  Discussion may focus on current trends, standards, mass digitization, licensing of special collections materials to commercial vendors, specific digital projects, and any other topics and issues relating to digitization that may be of interest to rare book and special collections librarians.