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Liaison committee preliminary agenda

ACRL ANSS Liaison Committee
   ALA Midwinter Dallas
   Sat.,  21 Jan. 2012
   1:30-3:30 PM Sheraton Dallas, Majestic 09

Preliminary Agenda

1.  Call to Order
    Marilia Antunez(regrets) & Sally Willson Weimer, co-chairs
2.  Welcome & introductions
3.  Request volunteer to take notes
    Distribute attendance sign in
4. Charge to committee
    Goals & expectations
5.  ACRL Liaison Coordinating & Grants
6.  Suggest recommendations to ANSS
     Process to request volunteer applications
     prospective & recommended ACRL liaisons to AAA & ASA
7. Prepare summary report to ANSS Exec board
8. Improve communications
    Explore use ALA Connect online for committee projects
       need to set up an account?
    Consider other online/electronic meeting opportunities
9.  Prepare timeline of projects
10.  Adjournment
New charge  
   The charge of the Liaison Committee is to a) identify organizations in the
fields of anthropology, sociology, criminal justice/criminology and related
fields with which to build collaborative partnerships; b) support ANSS
members in building and sustaining relationships with these organizations;
c) advise and support the ANSS appointed liaison(s) in working with
their target organization.

Please send me suggestions and revisions.


Thanks and I look forward to seeing members who can attend and

communicating virtually with other members!


Sally Willson Weimer