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Potential templates for RBMS Resolutions to be considered

Attached are four PDFs created by Valerie Prilop in consultation with Will La Moy. Each is a different combinations of fonts and colors, and she's completely open to "mixing and matching" them based on what the committee wants, for example if the favorite is 1B but with the colors of 1A, etc.

1A two color.pdf89.62 KB
1B blue.pdf73.45 KB
2A two color.pdf100.85 KB
2B red.pdf99.85 KB
Ethan Henderson (non-member)'s picture

I'm in favor of 1A two color. The 2A and 2B seem too busy and the vertical text on left side distracts from the "Whereas..."  I also like the font in 1A.

Jason Kovari's picture

I agree with Ethan; 1A is my preference. 1B has too much italicized text & I do not care for the vertical text in 2A/B. Also, having Whereas in red adds some depth / optical interest.

Jennifer Sheehan's picture

I have to agree with Ethan and Jason--1A is my favorite.  The red adds emphasis and interest, without being too cluttered.  The border is nice, too.  Nice job, Valerie!

Francis Lapka's picture

1A is very good (much better than the others, I think). I wonder if it might be better without the border.

Laila Miletic-Vejzovic's picture

Yes, I also agree with Nathan and Jason, 1A is my favorite.  As for the others, I like 1B because it's a one color template, simple and clean but I do not care about all fonts being italic (even though as Valerie noted she would be willing to "mix and match"), as for 2A and 2B, they are very busy and clattered.