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Say hi!

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I thought it would be nice if we introduced ourselves.


I'm Andromeda.  Simmons MLS 2010, thought I'd work for an academic library doing electronic resources or something, found myself working at a startup doing ebooks and social media and web development and copy writing and pretty much whatever needs doing.


Before Gluejar I had a smattering of code here and there -- the semester of C++ I forgot from undergrad, some SQL and PHP from library school, some self-taught Python (via Google's Python intro, awesome).  At Gluejar I've done more Python and spent an awful lot of time pretending I know jQuery, which means I sometimes have to pretend I know JavaScript too.  So I thought it would be nice to actually know some JavaScript.  Also I am super-interested in librarians' tech skills and how we learn them, and in online communities, so Code Year seemed like a great way for me to learn more about those things.


I'm hoping this group will attract a mix of people with some code experience who are eager to help out, and people with minimal or no code experience who are eager to learn, and we can all hold hands together.


var conclusion = "Learning code is super-awesome and empowering";
print conclusion;
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I am working in Library Systems and dealing with all sorts of programming projects daily. The online js tutorial is very interesting. I especially like the "coins" (icons) I can earn when I finish some lessons. It pushes me to finish more lessons to see what new coins are ahead.

Are the Python and Ruby courses opened now? I bumped into a page seeing a selection of Python, Ruby and Js.

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Carrie from Ohio University Libraries. I've long been a cataloger/turnkey ILS administrator and just got moved to my library's IT department. Have worked with "toy" programming languages before (e.g. OCLC Macro Language, AutoIt) and had one C++ class in college which I have completely forgotten. Nice to be learning a "real" language (well a lot of folks will say Javascript isn't a real language, but at least they've heard of it!) that I can use on my library web site and OPAC.

Allen Lam (non-member)'s picture

how are u Carrie.

AutoIt can be not just a toy. Programming it seriouly I am using it in Production to perform magics in windows.


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I am Arlene and I wear many hats. I joined today as a student, entrepreneur, and researcher. I wanted to ask a question and to do that I had to join. Also I am excited about this because I have always loved libraries and research. Now I can be a part of the group.