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ALSC Children and Libraries Editorial Advisory Committee: 2011 Post Annual Activity Update

ALSC Children and Libraries Editorial Advisory Committee: 2011 Post Annual  Activity Update

Chris Desai, January 5, 2012

The committee was informed at its last live meeting at ALA Annual that it was slated to go virtual, effective immediately.  The plan was discussed in Division Leadership meeting and in the committee’s meeting the following day. The Chair, Chris Desai, participated in an ALSC conference call in September on the process of conversion to virtual operation (first polling members for any questions they would like to see raised during the call and then reporting back to the committee). A transition mentor was assigned to the committee and follow-up emails from Division leaders provided support and answered questions.  The primary methods for conducting committee business will be email and chat via ALAConnect. A practice chat session was held in October.

In June, Laura Schulte-Cooper, Managing Editor, announced that CAL won an APEX Award for Publication Excellence in the category of Regular Departments and Columns for a piece submitted by the Children and Technology committee. Editor Sharon Verbeten also proposed a themed issue on the Caldecott award to commemorate its 75th Anniversary, and will coordinate with the proposed ALSC Caldecott planning committee.


In July, member Celia Perez resigned and was replaced by Amy Martin. In October, 3 new members joined the committee: Africa Hands, Rita Dunn, and Joyce Laiosa to replace members cycling off. Also in July, Chris followed up on questions from some members on the peer review status of Children and Libraries, providing the Serials Directory and Ulrich’s listings for it and a response from EBSCO on how peer review status is determined for the database. CAL items, if listed as articles, do appear a peer-reviewed in EBSCO databases. Laura Schulte-Cooper addressed the question about CAL going online, noting that the decision would be made at Division level and is under consideration.

Members were polled via email on whether the committee’s virtual status would change its mission, and if so, how. No changes were suggested.

In August the committee followed up on the issue of insufficient ALSC attention to “tweens” that was raised at the Division Leadership meeting and decided to focus more on this group through articles in the journal.

Laura Schulte-Cooper circulated a proposed survey of ALSC publication readership and solicited comments. From mid-October through mid-November, committee members provided extensive feedback on the proposed questions and possible implications for the journal. A chat meeting was held in late October to discuss specifics.

Chris Desai attended a webinar on chairing committees effectively, “Process Chairs Webinar” in November.

Following up on a suggestion from the last live meeting, Laura Schulte-Cooper commissioned a graphic icon to be used in the journal to indicate articles that have been peer reviewed. After a round of feedback from the committee chair, priority group liaison, and journal editor, the icon is ready to be included in the next (Spring) issue.