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Midwinter 2012 Agenda: RBMS Executive Committee


RBMS Executive Committee Agenda

ALA Midwinter Conference 2012, Dallas, TX.

Monday, January 23, 8:00- 12:00

Sheraton Dallas Hotel - Lone Star Ballroom A4


Please note that chairs of committees, discussion groups, and task forces, as well as liaisons to other groups and organizations give their reports at the RBMS Information Exchange (Sunday, Janaury 22, 4:00-5:30, Sheraton Dallas Hotel - Houston Ballroom C), so they should not repeat their reports at the Executive Committee meeting. However, committee chairs are expected to attend the Executive Committee meeting, and they may present action items for consideration by the Executive Committee. All other members of RBMS are encouraged to attend the meeting and to participate in the discussion.


Draft Agenda (January 5, 2012)


1. Introductions

1.1 Visit from ACRL Vice President/President-Elect candidates: Debbie Malone and Trevor A. Dawes


2. Review and finalize agenda (Mike Kelly)


3. Meeting protocol (Mike Kelly)


4. Approval of minutes from ALA Annual 2011 (Mike Kelly)


5. Reminders for committee chairs (Annie Copeland/ Mike Kelly)

5.1 Meeting schedule, meeting room setups (Mike Kelly)

            Deadline for scheduling rooms for ALA Annual is Feb 8.

5.2 Information Exchange reports (Annie Copeland)


6. Updates from the Executive Committee (Mike Kelly)

6.1 Submitted a request for $3,200 to the ACRL Friends Fund Disbursement Subcommittee for support of the 2012 Preconference Scholarships (11/30/2011)

6.2 Informed by ACRL that the section budget for FY2012 is $3,209.00


7. Old business

7.1 Virtual meetings and virtual membership (Deborah J. Leslie)


8. New business

8.1 Creation of a Discussion Group on Digitization of Special Collections (Henry Raine)

8.2 Inquiry from Janalyn Moss of ALA RUSA History Section regarding co-sponsorship of a program for ALA Annual 2013 (Chicago). (Mike Kelly)


9. Programs and conferences

9.1 2012 Preconference Program Planning (San Diego) (Nina Schneider)

9.2 2012 Preconference Local Arrangements (San Diego) (Lynda Claassen)

9.3 2012 Annual Conference Program Planning (Anaheim) (Gerald Cloud)

9.4 2013 Preconference Program Planning (Minneapolis) (James P. Ascher)

9.5 2013 Preconference Local Arrangements (San Diego) (Arvid Nelson)

9.6 2013 Annual Conference Program Planning (Chicago) (Jennifer MacDonald and Athena Jackson)

9.7 Conference Development Committee (Deborah J. Leslie)


10. Task forces

10.1 Task Force on Metrics and Assessment (Mike Kelly)

10.2 Joint Task Force on the Audio-Visual Needs of the section


11. Publications

11.1 Publications Committee (James P. Ascher)

Drupal training proposal; Update on YOB Translation to Spanish

11.2 News Editor (Ethan Henderson)

11.3 Web Team (Jason Kovari)

11.4 RBM Editorial Board (Beth Whittaker)


12. Standing committees

12.1 Archivist/Records Manager (Chatham Ewing)

12.2 Bibliographic Standards Committee (Jane F. Carpenter)

12.3 Budget and Development Committee (E. C. Schroeder)

12.4 Diversity Committee (Athena Jackson)

12.5 Exhibition Awards Committee (Molly Schwartzburg)

12.6 Membership and Professional Development Committee (Katie Carr)

12.7 Nominating Committee (Deborah Leslie)

12.8 Regional Workshops Committee (Jane Gillis)

            Discussion of registration fees, ACRL, and the future of the RWC

12.9 Scholarships Committee (Diane Warner)

12.10 Security Committee (Alvan Bregman)

12.11 Seminars Committee (Laura Micham/ Danielle Culpepper)


13. Discussion groups

13.1 Collection Development Discussion Group (Lois Fischer Black/Mark Greenberg)

13.2 Curators and Conservators Discussion Group (Beth Kilmarx/Dennis Moser)

13.3 Manuscripts and Other Formats Discussion Group (Lois Fischer Black/Diane Warner)

13.4 Public Services Discussion Group (Nicolette Dobrowolski/Susan Walker)

13.5 Technical Services Discussion Group (Ann Copeland/Ellen Ellickson)

14. ACRL

14.1 ACRL Board, Leadership Council (John Lehner)

14.2 ACRL Budget and Finance (E.C. Schroeder)


15. Closing business