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ALA Mid-Winter 2012 Meeting Agenda--ACRL Academic Library Trends and Statistics Survey Editorial Board



ALA Mid-Winter 2012 Meeting

ACRL Academic Library Trends and Statistics Survey Editorial Board

Dallas, Sunday, January 22nd, 8:30-10:30 AM, Sheraton Dallas Hotel, Lone Star Ballroom A2




1)  Introductions 8:30AM; volunteer to take minutes  (Note:  the sequence of topics may vary.)


2)  ALS re-integration with IPEDS--planned for FY 2013 and annually thereafter

--update from advisory committee meeting

--review of proposed dropped data elements:  Chestalene Pintozzi


3)  Possible Trends Questions for ACRL FY 2012 Survey

--24/7 library operations

--technology trends

--possible new directions for the FY 2013 ACRL survey (after the ALS survey re-intgrates with IPEDS)

--other trends?


4)  Other updates: ACRL Leadership Council, Publications Coordinating Committee, Z39.7


5)  Facilitating remote participation at our Annual meeting


6)  New Business


7)  Visit by Martha Kyrillidou, ARL (around 10:00 AM)

--update on pending ARL survey changes for FY2012

--update on ARL plans after ALS re-integration with IPEDS, FY2013


8) Adjournment, 10:30AM