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PCC Midwinter Meeting Agenda and Documents

Good afternoon. The ACRL Publications Coordinating Committee will meet in just over two weeks, and I look forward to seeing you in Dallas the morning of Sunday, January 22. Appointed committee  members should sit in on the 8:30 meetings of the editorial boards to which they have been assigned.

Attached are separate files for: 1. the meeting agenda; 2. the minutes of the 2011 annual conference meeting; 3. a proposed charge for the committee; and 4. proposed duties for the committee's appointed members.

In addition, from diverse sources, you will receive a report from Melinda Dermody regarding the committee's 2012 annual conference program as well as the latest reports from editors or chairpersons of the various ACRL editorial boards.

Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns, and I would appreciate your letting me know if you will not attend the meeting.