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Join ACRL NMDG at Midwinter for "What I Wish I'd Learned In Library School"

Library school can never prepare you for all of the tasks and problems that you may encounter in a library. Whether it’s learning to work within a difficult institutional culture, project management, how to take on leadership positions, or limited programming skills. In this session, four panelists will share their own experiences and how they’ve worked to overcome the challenges. Bring your own experiences and questions to help us further the conversation.

When: Sunday, January 22 10:30am-12:00pm
Where: Sheraton Dallas, Lone Star Ballroom C3

Our Panelists Include:

Tahirah Akbar-Williams who works as the Librarian for the School of Education at Johns Hopkins University.

Carli Spina who works at Harvard Law School Library.

R. Niccole Westbrook who works in Digital Services at the University of Houston Libraries as part of a team that creates and manages content for the UH Digital Library.

Micah Vandegrift who works as a Scholarly Communications Librarian at Florida State University and is a founder editor of the Hack Library School blog.