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RUSA Membership - Report - Midwinter 2012

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RUSA Membership Committee
Committee Report – Midwinter 2012
Chair: Liane Taylor

RUSA Ambassador Program (LIS Outreach):

Liane Taylor organized a Dec 12 virtual meeting with membership outreach/recruitment contacts in each ALA division and round table to discuss LIS outreach strategies at the division/RT level. The conversation will continue at the ALA Membership Task Force meeting on Sunday at Midwinter. I have uploaded the minutes from the Dec 12 meeting: http://connect.ala.org/node/164421

RUSA 101:

We will be holding a RUSA 101 at Annual in Anaheim. We will hold it on Friday, from 3p-4p. We will begin promoting it as soon as possible. We have a team working on a plan for the event and we’re hoping to get vendor sponsors for free food. The committee felt that new or interested RUSA members needs a 101 and like human contact. An online version of 101 can be developed eventually to complement, but not replace, conference 101s. Committee members are happy to work with Liz Markel on the development of an online 101. It’s important for the conference 101 to be in the conference program, so it cannot be scheduled during a no-conflict time (Fri 4-7.30p). We also don’t want to schedule the 101 at same time as section Happy Hours (Fri night, Sat night).

  • ONLINE complement: Some ideas generated by RUSA Exec/RUSA Office at 2011 Fall Leadership Meeting
  • Offer on website before Annual
  • Highlighting what RUSA does and is planning for the Conference
  • If it were offered as part of a series of webinars highlighting Conference themes offered shortly before Annual, together such webinars could serve several purposes, not only serving to inform about RUSA, but also serving a lead-in to the Conference, and possibly also attracting members who are unable to attend the conference.
  • Also: short (5-6 slides) presentation about RUSA available to membership at anytime from the website, and which might also be used in working with library schools to help attract new members


  • The RUSA Social will take place on Saturday, January 21st, from 6p-8p at the Adolphus, Century Ballroom A. RUSA office will be identifying prizes to raffle. We have received $2,500 from Thomson Reuters and RUSA will be contributing $2,000.