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Rainbow Project 2012 Midwinter Committee Report

The Rainbow Project is going strong. We will be discussing 54 titles at Midwinter and publishing our list by the end of the conference. We had a bumpy start with putting together a committee, but we have stayed quite stable for an entire year. Lynn Evarts will be concluding her run as chair, and Michael Cart will take over the reins after Midwinter.

Once again, we have had very positive reaction from publishers, authors and librarians. Publishers and authors appreciate being recognized for their efforts to bring quailty GLBT-Q literature to young people, and librarians appreciate having a list to refer to for collection development purposes. The Rainbow Project also provides those on the front lines with a list of recommended titles to use when a book is challenged or questioned in their libraries. An award winner has its merits but having a list to back up purchases of several titles gives librarians a variety of choices to support those looking for quality GLBT-Q literature.

Respectfully submitted,

Lynn Evarts, Chair, The Rainbow Project, 2011-2012