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Linda Ward-Callaghan's picture

2012 Midwinter Meeting: ALSC Education Committee

As we approach the ALA Midwinter Meetings in Dallas, Texas in January 2012, I want to summarize the activities of the Committee since the 2011 Annual Conference.

 1)      The ALSC Education Committee has been slated to transition to a virtual committee.

2)      Jane Claes is working with a colleague on a Collection Development seminar.  She will handle coordinating the recording at her university and let me know when the project is completed. 

3)      Is it time to poll the membership about future webinars, seminars, or training opportunities that are needed?  A Survey Monkey poll (or similar vehicle) could be done easily provided we can craft a good set of questions.  I have asked how we can assist ALSC with future webinar topics but have not received a response. 

4)      William Teale of the AASL Education Committee has expressed a desire to share presentations at division conferences or cooperatively plan conference programming.  We will need to consider what we can offer the school librarians and what our division members could benefit from them.  I hope similar cross-training can occur in the future with YALSA or other divisions as well.

5)      I have been in touch with a ALA-wide joint membership initiative which is interested in connecting with library school students and new librarians to encourage membership in ALA as well as to ascertain professional development needs.

 Taking the committee virtual has added some additional challenges, but in the long run I feel we can come through this with processes and procedures that we can build on in the future.

 For those of you who are able to attend the 2012 Midwinter Meeting in Dallas, I hope you will be able to join me on Sunday, January 22nd at the Sheraton Dallas Hotel, Lone Star Ballroom C1 during the All Committee Meeting I.  We will begin at 9:30 am.  I plan to take my computer and attempt to open a chat during the meeting, but I am unsure if this will work with the hotel's facilities.

 Whether you are able to travel to Dallas or not, please consider the following items and send your responses to me.  I will consolidate our ideas and set up a chat after Midwinter.

1)      Are there professional development or training needs that your colleagues have shared with you?

2)      Is it time to poll the membership about training needs?

3)      What avenues can we use to connect with library students and new children’s services staff to support their transition into the profession?

4)      What is the preferred format among the members?  Webinar, online course, chat discussion, etc.?

5)      Are there continuing education training topics we could offer at ALSC, AASL, PLA, or other division conferences?

6)      Do we want to plan a future conference program?  This could address a discussion of competencies in the 21st century, sources of continuing education opportunities, or a specific training need.

7)      Other things the Education Committee should consider?

 Looking forward to working with you all over the next year!   ~~  Linda Ward-Callaghan

Core Competencies link:  http://www.ala.org/alsc/edcareeers/alsccorecomps

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Sally Miculek's picture

Hi Linda,

I'll be at Midwinter, and at our meeting on January 22 at 9:30.  I look forward to meeting you, and will try to work on some responses to your questions in the next couple weeks. 
See you soon!