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ERIC Users Committee Virtual MidWinter Meeting Minutes

ACRL EBSS ERIC Users Committee Virtual MidWinter Meeting
Thursday, December 8, 2011 2:00 p.m. Eastern
Conference Call via FreeConferenceCall.com

Submitted by: Sara Holder

Members Present: Babara Alderman (co-ch.), Sara Holder (co-ch.), Chris Hollister, Lesley Farmer, Sarah Baker

Members Excused: Jeris Cassel

Guests: Ann Breitenwischer, Lena Levinson (Dept. of Ed.), Rita Kohrman, Charlene Baxter, Imelda Vetter, Larry Henry (CSC), Pete Dagutis (CSC), Nancy Cawley (CSC), Christina Dunn (Natl. Library of Ed.), Sherry Jones

I. Introductions

II. Approval of minutes from Annual

III. ERIC Update (L. Henry)
a. 1.4 million records added as of Dec. 1; 340,000 of which are full-text
b. 65 new sources added since June 1; seeking approval for 46 new journal sources
c. ProQuest dissertation records continue to be added
d. Review of legacy record backfile (1966-2003) is in progress
e. Three new RSS feeds added (Math, ESL and Adult Education)
f. Microfiche weeding list updated
g. Six new terms added to the thesaurus, another update due in winter 2012.
h. Social media - new tutorials on YouTube; Facebook and Twitter updated biweekly
i. MyEric users community and shared searches features are active

Questions from attendees (answered by L. Henry and P. Dagutis):
1. Are statistics kept on the use of the new features? Yes, but they are not publicized. Shared search seems to be the most popular.
2. Any news on the ERIC avatar? Cristina Dunn will follow up.
3. Have publishers of the new sources that have not been approved for inclusion been notified? If a decision has been made, they have been contacted, though the wait for review can take time.
4. Will the records for documents submitted as part of the IES Open Access mandate contain any indication that this is their origin? No, they are marked as such but this data is not displayed in the public view.
5. Are there plans to add a field for a document’s doi (and identified as such) separate from the direct link field that exists now? No.
6. When will the updated records from the review of legacy record review begin to appear? They will be loaded beginning in January 2012, to be completed by July.

IV. National Library of Education (NLE) update (C. Dunn)
a. The agency currently has no budget so there will be no report on programs at this time

V. Other Communications
a. L. Farmer mentioned that she is very close to Anaheim so she can easily help with plans for ALA Annual 2012
b. L. Farmer suggested that the co-chairs check with the ACRL Planning Committee to see if there is still time to register a co-sponsorship with PLA and/or AASL of the ERIC Update session at Annual (she has contacts at AASL and B. Alderman will follow up with PLA)
c. L. Farmer also suggested the co-chairs liaise with EBSS and/or ACRL leadership to suggest that an ERIC webinar be offered to members

VI. Disability topic for Annual
a. N. Cawley confirmed that the ERIC presenters would prepare a special focus on disability for the 2012 Annual program
b. S. Holder alerted committee members that email communications would be going out to work on outreach and publicity for the program to other ACRL and ALA groups

Action Items:
1. Check on possibility of 2012 Annual program co-sponsorship: AASL (L. Farmer), PLA (B. Alderman), ACRL Planning Committee (S. Holder & B. Alderman)
2. Suggest possibility of ERIC webinar to EBSS and/or ACRL leadership (S. Holder & B. Alderman)

Meeting was adjourned at 2:45 p.m.
Conference call recording is available by calling: 661-673-8609
Access code = 128683#