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Larayne Dallas's picture

RUSA Standards and Guidelines Committee Report -- Prior to the Midwinter Meeting 2012

This is the report of the Standards and Guidelines Committee to the RUSA Board in preparation for the 2012 Midwinter Meeting.  Larayne Dallas

S&G.com_.rep_.mid_.2012.doc451 KB
Charles Thurston's picture

Well done, Larayne.  At the risk of sounding defensive, I think that any perceived lack of attentiveness to guidelines being sunsetted arises in the section committees, not in S&G.

Steve Alleman's picture

Yes, this look good.

Bryna Coonin's picture

Larayne --

This was interetsing and helpful to see.  I, too, was amazed that folks can decide unilaterally to just not take care of guidelines under their purview, but that seems to be (at this time) the case. Your comment "I hope that the energy generated by the sense of loss with these two guidelines falling off the list of current RUSA guidelines immediately translates into positive action" is on the money and probably the place we should all begin, going forward. Something we can talk further about at MidWinter perhaps.  BC

Mary Parker's picture

Thanks for your conscientious work in outlining the status of several guidelines, Larayne, and for stating the issues facing the committee.  MP