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2012, Early Childhood Programs and Services Committee Midwinter Meeting, Agenda

Please find the committee agenda for the Midwinter meeting attached.  We will be meeting at the Sheraton Dallas, Lone Star Ballroom, from 8:30 AM to 10:30 AM on Sunday, January 22.

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Hello, fellow committee members!

Please accept my apologies for being out of the loop for so long.  I just came back from a two-month medical leave, and I'm still catching up on everything I missed!

Thank you for all the feedback on our BTR article in CAL's Winter 2011 issue.  I really appreciate your enthusiasm and support!

I wish I could be there in Dallas with all of you to talk in person about the follow-up piece as well as the rest of our agenda items, but I'm afraid I have to send along my regrets. I'm planning to spend some time with the Midwinter agenda today, so I'll type up my thoughts and questions, which I hope to upload by tomorrow.

Regarding the follow-up piece for CAL's Summer 2012 issue (which I haven't had a chance to start yet), it will be much briefer than the first article, with the copy deadline in early March.  I'm open to everyone's suggestions about what direction to take it and what we might want to highlight!  I really need to start working on the article, so I'm eager to hear any thoughts you might have.

Thanks, everyone!  Enjoy Dallas!


Jenna Nemec-Loise
Division Councilor
Association for Library Service to Children


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We're sorry you can't come to Dallas, Jenna, but thanks for your willingness to contribute your thoughts.  I'll be sure to print them out and make them part of our discussion on Sunday morning.

All the best,