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Executive Committee Meeting (ACRL DLS)

Sunday, January 22, 2012
1:30 pm to 3:30 pm, US/Central

Meeting of Distance Learning Section executive committee

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Thank you.

dls_exec_agenda_1-22.doc49.5 KB
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Hi Cynthia,

Are you asking if we will be broadcasting any meetings for DLS?  I would say probably not--as far as I know we won't have internet access in any of our meeting rooms.  It would be a great idea, but unfortunately cost-prohibitive at this point.


Cynthia Porter (non-member)'s picture

Thanks!  I didn't actually mean to post that. ;)

The Discussion Group Committee has been discussing this.  After looking at the agenda, I realized that I could bring this up with our committee report.

My question, which can wait for the midwinter meeting, is will we need to get approval from ALA if we wanted to webcast a discussion at ALA?  I know that connectivity is a big issue, but I want to know all the hurdles for future possibilities.

Thank goodness we learn from our mistakes! :-D