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Communication Committee Meeting (RUSA CODES)

Saturday, June 23, 2012
3:00 pm to 4:00 pm, US/Central

Provides advice and recommendations regarding communications, publications and section documents for CODES.

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Vicki Bloom's picture

Who is going?   Should we meet for a drink?

Steve Alleman's picture

I'm planning on attending the conference.  The schedule I've got says our meeting time is 4pm Sunday, right?



Daniel Mack's picture

I'm going too. The meeting is listed for Sunday at 4, which conflicts with RUSA Awards. I can meet pretty much anytime Friday, Sunday or Monday if you want a different time. And I definitely think we should meet over a drink! -Dan

Steve Alleman's picture

I'm arriving Thursday night.  I'll be at the OCLC Symposium Friday afternoon, but otherwise free on Friday.  Saturday's pretty open.  I have meetings all Sunday morning, and CODES Board Monday morning.  Not leaving till Tuesday.



Vicki Bloom's picture

Hi everyone,

While the schedule says 4pm on Sunday, I actually have a conflict with this time (AND I CHOSE IT, gosh).

Do you have time to meet for coffee on Saturday morning?   Or after the Midwinter Books and Media Awards Meeting on Sunday?

Let me know....thanks.





Daniel Mack's picture

I have a dinner meeting after the awards on Sunday. I could meet Saturday morning though. -Dan

Steve Alleman's picture

Saturday morning is not ideal for me, but I could make it if that's the only time we've got.  


To answer Vicki's question, no I did not receive the info from the Section Review, but your summary sounds about right.



Vicki Bloom's picture

1. Take a look at the website.  It has been slightly revised.

2. On the agenda for the Exec Comm is the following:

How to improve communication with the members?

There doesn’t seem to be a reliable way to contact every CODES member, which makes it more difficult (among other things) to bring in possible CODES members who might want to participate in committees or discussion groups. Question: What about asking RUSA to change CODES-L to automatically include all members while giving them an easy opt-out?


3. Just received the info from the Section Review that was conducted a few years back.  Did you receive it too? 

The major points are:

1) The committee is aware of the charge, but currently has very little to do with section publications, which was the focus of the committee before the charge was revised.

2) We feel powerless and ineffective, in part due to the difficulties in working with ALA web personnel and the mishandling of transitions to new versions of ALA’s website.  In addition Committee Chairs do not send appropriate content to our committee.

3) We have been unble to focus on newer communications methods like blogs and ALA Connect.

I also have a few points to add that we can discuss at Midwinter.  It seems like when these kind of issues are raised at Exec Committee nothing is changed. 


Matthew Wayman's picture

Hi everyone,

I won't be able to make it to Midwinter this year.  I'm saving my travel budget for Anaheim.  Let me know if there is any way I can participate in the meeting virtually and I'll do my best.


Vicki Bloom's picture

Steve would prefer not to meet Sat morning.   Sunday during the day is booked for me. Saturday morning or perhaps around 5:30 on Saturday would work for me.


It looks like it will just be us three.



Vicki Bloom's picture


I won't be able to see you tomorrow morning.  I am snowed in here in South Bend. UGH. Hope to fly out tomorrow and arrive around 3.  


We will have to find time around the Awards Event.  Thanks for your patience.