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Scholarly Communications Committee Meeting (ACRL STS)

Saturday, January 21, 2012
10:30 am to 12:00 pm, US/Central

Meeting of STS Scholarly Communications Committee, part of STS All Committees meeting

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Location:Sheraton Dallas HotelSan Antonio Ballroom BProposed Agenda:

  1. Introductions / Catch-up [What's new at your campus re: support, outreach, advocacy re: Schol Comm?] 
  2. Recap of STS Council I
  3. Update on ACRL revised Committee Structure (impact on ACRL Copyright Committee & ACRL Scholarly Commucation Committee...and others)
  4. Announcements - Update on Annual 2012 STS_SC panel with HSIG; 
  5. Upcoming STS_SC programming proposals to ALA and/or ACRL. [Brainstorm Ideas, Identify Collaborators] 
  6. Communications [With STS leadership; STS membership; ACRL Scholarly Comm]
  7. Other thoughts, comments, etc.

Interested STS members who would like to sit-in with the STS-SC committee during this meeting, are welcome to participate in our conversation! 


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Hi all,

I will not be at Midwinter - I'd like to attend our meeting via Skype or some such - can we set this up?


Susan Wells Parham
Head, Scholarly Communication & Digital Curation Services
Georgia Technology Library

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Question about our meeting space -- I know the Sheraton charges extra for wifi in hotel rooms, but has ALA paid to have wifi in the ballroom? I have a webpage I would like to show you but would need wifi. Otherwise, I can make printouts/screen shots.

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Actually, will miss Midwinter altogether.  My flight out this morning was cancelled because of ice (and lots of it).  Because of the weather and the number of flight cancellations about these parts, the soonest I could get rebooked on a flight into Dallas on ANY carrier out of Seattle was Saturday.  Not worth the effort at that point.  Sorry to miss a second in-person meeting.



Scott Lapinski's picture

Hi All,

Mel and Susan, you will both be missed!

As far as Virtual participation and the question about wifi... I am staying in the Sheraton, so if nothing else, my complimentary wifi should work. However, I already noticed, it is pretty slow. This will probably be OK to show Janet's web pages, but we have to see on-the-fly if the bandwidth will allow us to do an iChat or FaceTime.

In either case, I will bring my MAC and fire up both pieces of software at the time of the meeting. The "person" you will want to connect with on either FaceTime or iChat is countwaycbmi@gmail.com

OK, looking forward to seeing everyone else tomorrow morning!



Janet Hughes's picture

Since our wifi at the meeting was so spotty, I did not want to use bandwidth to show my libraries' new Scholarly Communications web page. Nonetheless, I would like some input on it b/c I am too close to be able to assess it impartially.

Here is the URl http://www.libraries.psu.edu/psul/scholar.html

It was re-desigend with large graphics to be eye catching but I still think some of the labels (ie names we have given to certain services) are confusing. I am also not sure the RSS feed adds any value.

 I welcome all comments.