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Heads of Cataloging Departments Interest Group

Monday, January 23, 2012
8:00 am to 10:00 am, US/Central

The theme for our discussion is “Developing Service-Oriented Models for Cataloging and Metadata,” and we are delighted to be joined by a distinguished panel of speakers. • Jee Davis & Jina Wakimoto will present “Cataloging IS a Public Service: Repositioning Cataloging and Metadata Services” • Teressa Keenan will present “Charting a Course with NOMAP: Integrating Metadata Workflows into a Traditional Cataloging Unit” • Jennifer O’Brien Roper will present “Envisioning Culture Shift: Building a Strategic Framework for Service Oriented Cataloging” • Sharon Wiles-Young will present “Technical Services Involvement with New Service: Are there Silos Within the Library?” Presentations will be followed by a panel discussion and audience Q&A. Please contact Christopher Cronin (croninc [at] uchicago.edu), Chair of the ALCTS Heads of Cataloging Interest Group, for more information.

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At the University of Maryland Health Sciences and Human Services Library, the changes toward predominantly digital resources has lead to more cooperation and workflow integration among the departments that make up what has been traditionally called Technical Services. This Division, renamed "Resources Division" over 5 years ago, includes Collection Management/Acquisitions, Resource Sharing and Repository Services, and the Metadata Services Department (in charge of both cataloging and metadata quality control for the digital archive). However, my take home after viewing these presentations is that more needs to be done in the direction of a certain integration, or  deeper communication and conversations, with the Services Division, at least from the Metadata Services Department point of view.  Hope to see you and meet with you in ALA Annual in Anaheim!  Maria Pinkas, Metadata Management Librarian, Health Sciences and Human Services Library, University of Maryland. 

Maria M. Pinkas
Metadata Management Librarian
University of Maryland Health Sciences and Human Services Library