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Catalog Management Interest Group

Saturday, January 21, 2012
1:30 pm to 3:30 pm, US/Central

The program will include presentations on enhancements made to catalog records at the College of New Jersey Library to improve the discovery of video materials and the impact of print withdrawal projects at Florida State University Libraries on catalog management activities. Discussion topics include the effect of patron driven acquisitions on library catalogs and quality control issues associated with vendor supplied record sets.Presentations and speakers:

• “A Little Breathing Room Please! Catalog Management Projects That Make a Difference” presented by Ruth S. Ziegler, who will cover the impact of print withdrawal projects on catalog management activities.

• “Separate, Merged, and Separate Once Again: Un-mulvering the Mulvered Records” presented by Lucas Mak, who will describe how he used XSLT (Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformation) to automate the process of separating 7,400 single records for theses that described both the print and microform versions into separate records for each format.

• “Cooperative Quality Control for Cataloging: Initiatives in Error Handling” presented by Ian Fairclough, who will review cooperative initiatives he has undertaken with OCLC and electronic distribution lists he created to further the cooperative resolution of cataloging errors.

• “Towards Better Discovery of Video Materials” presented by Cathy Weng and Yuji Tosaka, who will illustrate how enhancements were made to catalog records to improve the discovery of video materials.

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Loved the presentation!

Would it be possible to download or access the information given through ALA connect? I would love that information to share with my coworkers. Thanks!

Alexia Riggs

Technical Services Librarian

Paris Junior College