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LITA Mobile Computing IG Virtual Meeting for ALA MidWinter / Presentations (01/11/2012 Noon EST)

LITA Mobile Computing IG Virtual Meeting for ALA MidWinter


*** For the recording / chat of this meeting, see: http://connect.ala.org/node/165400 ***

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    Meeting Title: LITA Mobile IG Meeting
    Date & Time: Wed. 01/11/2012 at Noon EST.
    Duration: 1.5 hour(s)

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HTML5 Apps, APIs, and the Mobile Platform
-Jason Clark, Head of Digital Access and Web Services, Montana State University Libraries

With features like geolocation, voice input, and offline data storage, HTML5 is changing the way we can develop for the mobile platform. We'll take a close look at a prototype mobile web app, BookMeUp, a book recommender tool built with some of the newest features of HTML5 coupled with the Amazon Product Advertising API. The session will focus on some of the cutting edge features HTML5 has to offer, but will look to ways you might use HTML5 in your mobile development today.

Handheld Tube Tours:  Increasing orientation engagement with viral videos and mobile devices
-Sean Cordes
Instruction Services Coordinator, Western Illinois University Libraries

Library orientation tours are helpful, but for many students, if you’ve seen one service point, you’ve seen them all. This presentation describes the practice of incorporating the You Tube viral video format with handheld devices to energize and engage students during library orientation tours. Topics include best practices for creating viral library content, and triumphs and challenges of using handheld devices to support library orientation tours including device availability, connectivity, sequencing content, and pacing the handheld supplemented tour.

JISC m-libs - a UK academic library perspective
-Jo Alcock, Researcher, Evidence Base at Birmingham City University

The JISC Mobile Infrastructure for Libraries programme is a series of projects in UK supporting initiatives that utilise mobile computing in academic libraries. The presentation will give a brief overview of the institutional projects, and discuss the broader community support project which aims to help support and engage the emerging m-library community by reviewing and synthesising existing research and evidence-based guidance.

Using paper prototyping to determine mobile platform requirements
-David Brightbill, Manager of Research and Development, College Center for Library Automation, FL

At CCLA, We’re currently doing some paper prototyping around potential mobile applications for our discovery tool .  We are looking at mobile apps that support the student research process and are in a very early stage of this but have identified a few potential topics that we hope to examine in student focus groups in the new year.

WordPress Mobile Piug-ins
- Sharon Whitfield, Emerging Technologies Librarian, The College of New Jersey

WordPress is primarily known as an open source blogging platform, but it’s actually capable of much more.  One of the areas that Wordpress has been improving is with mobile website and app creation.   There are presently 126 plug-ins that support mobile website creation including tools that can post, manage, and edit your website from your mobile device.  Why guess which plug-ins will work for you?  Join us for this presentation and learn the best plug-ins to make your WordPress site, mobile friendly.