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Resources for Libraries Serving Incarcerated youth

For librarians and staff who are new to working in juvenile detention facilities, it can be difficult to find information about how to get started.

The following resources that have been compiled here are just a starting point (and hopefully others will chime in and provide their resources too!), but we hope they will help you find what you need to serve youth who have been incarcerated in your community.

  • ASCLA Interest Group: Library Services for Incarcerated Youth (LSSP)
    • This group was formed in the fall of 2011 and is just getting started. More to come!
  • YALSA Lockdown Listserv
    • This is the channel for the majority of our discussions about serving this population
  • Library Services to Incarcerated Youth Wiki
    • Formed in early 2011, this wiki is a repository for knowledge about serving youth who have been detained or incarcerated
  • youthlibraries.org
    • Website being developed by Colorado State Librarian, Camden Tahg, using Drupal. Will be a resource repository for those serving youth who have been detained or incarcerated


Dena Gould's picture

Good Afternoon Members,

I am interested in acquiring an internship with our local juvenile hall for this summer. 

Currently I am in my 2nd year at SJSU in the MLIS program.

I live in Los Angeles and we have 3 local facilities. 

Any referrals would be greatly appreciated.



Kathleen Houlihan's picture

Hi Dena,

You'll probably have a better response rate on your question if you post it over on the YALSA-Lockdown listserv, which is the current communication channel for this Interest Group.


Let me know if you have any questions!


Kathleen Houlihan
Youth Program Librarian
Austin Public Library

Dena Gould's picture

Done....thank you!