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2013 Midwinter Meeting Agenda Cover Sheet

Form D.1, Pre-Midwinter Meeting/Annual Conference Agenda Cover Sheet

Note: Submit one copy of this cover sheet with your meeting agenda to the ALSC Executive Director one month prior to Annual Conference and Midwinter Meeting. Also submit one copy to the following individuals: your priority group consultant, the ALSC President, and the Vice President/President Elect.  Additionally, upload this document and your agenda to your committee space on ALA Connect to share with committee members.

Please check one:

 Annual Conference Agenda                                   X Midwinter Meeting Agenda

Name of Committee: _Program Coordinating___________________________________

Priority Group Number: IV___ Priority Group Consultant: Carol Phillips_____________

Committee Chair: Karen Kessel __________________________ Date: 12/12/12 

Meeting Time(s): Sunday, January 27, 9am-12noon______________________________

Meeting Place: NA at this time_______________________________________________

Please include in your agenda:

  1. a discussion of Committee objectives and a time line;
  2. how your Committee’s work has helped furthering the ALSC Strategic Plan.

Please attach a copy of your agenda to this cover sheet.

Do you have an item requiring Board action at this conference? If so, please complete an ALSC Board of Directors Action Form and submit any additional supporting documents to the ALSC Executive Director and Program Coordinator four weeks prior to the start of conference, so they can be included in the Board packets sent ahead of time.  Additionally, you will need to attend the Board meeting where the item will be discussed. Thank you.


Annual Conference                                                     Midwinter Meeting

qBoard I (usually Saturday afternoon)                     qBoard I (usually Saturday afternoon)

qBoard II (usually Tuesday afternoon)                     qBoard II (usually Monday afternoon)


Karen Kessel (online)___________________________________       12/12/12_

Signature of person reporting                                                                 date

ALSC Program Planning Committee
Midwinter 2013 Agenda
Sunday, January 27, 9am-noon

     I.  Current Programs

Updates by committee members


Understanding Leveling Systems


Multicultural Programming for Tweens and Families
Providing Intellectual Freedom in a Commercialized World

Jennifer Knight
Calde-Totts: Creating and Using Caldecott books for young children
DIY Video Creation 

Jennifer Smith
Archives Alive: Caldecott at 75! 

Celebrating Poetry Fridays & Common Core Curriculum Connections

Hot Topic – To be determined

Check in with any committees present, Program Information is due February 1st.  Forms are available online.

      II.            Review evaluations from Annual 2012 and National Institutes programs for making suggestions for  2014 programs.

By coordinating conference programs, the committee helps work towards the future goals of ALSC being known for innovative education opportunities and reinforcing basic competencies for children

    III.            Planning deadlines:

January 4-Program Title and Description (may be extended to accommodate people who need to make program adjustments based on their time slots)

February 1-Program Information

April 19-Speaker Information

June 7-Handouts

PCC Members 2012-2013

Karen Kessel (Chair, 2011 - 2012)

Angela Nolet (Past-Chairperson, 2012 - 2013)

Jennifer Knight (Member, 2011 - 2013)

Julia Chang (Member, 2012-2014)

Charlene McKenzie (Member, 2012-2014)

Jennifer Smith (Member, 2012-2014)

Carol K. Phillips (Consultant, 2011 - 2013)

Jenny Najduch (Staff Liaison, 2011 - 2014)



PCC 2013 Midwinter agenda.docx13.82 KB