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ALCTS & standards

Please consider the following questions and make comments below.  I will bring feedback from PARS members to the ALCTS Board meeting discussion of this topic at Midwinter 2012.

  • Is ALCTS covering the standards universe sufficiently?  Are there gaps in what we're doing?
  • How does the ALCTS organizational structure enhance or hinder our involvement in standards?
  • What more can ALCTS do to support member involvement in standards-making?

Here's a message from ALCTS President, Betsy Simpson:

I’m sure everyone would agree that standards development is a significant area of focus for ALCTS.  A number of ALCTS groups are on the frontline of efforts to advance standards (e.g., CaMMS Committee on Cataloging: Description and Access, CaMMS Subject Analysis Committee, CRS Standards Committee, PARS Preservation Standards and Practices Committee), and ALCTS participates in joint committees, such as MARBI, and appoints the ALA rep to NISO.  There is no question that ALCTS plays a critical role when it comes to standards.

The 2011 ALCTS Strategic Plan highlights standards (http://www.ala.org/ala/mgrps/divs/alcts/about/plans/stratplan.cfm#plan) and comments from the Reshaping survey regarding standards make clear its importance to ALCTS members.  They also provide the impetus for a general discussion at the Monday Board meeting during Midwinter about how ALCTS approaches standards and possibilities for future directions.  In preparation for the Board discussion, please [...] gather input from your sections prior to the Monday meeting.