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CLS Membership Committee 12/7/11 chat session

(13:52:50) Sally Gibson:

Please join CLS on December 7th at 3:00 pm (EST) for a membership meeting via ALA Connect Chat.

(13:59:06) Claudia Ruediger:

On behalf of Sally Gibson and myself, Claudia Ruediger, CLS Co-Chairs, I want to welcome everyone to the CLS December Membership Meeting.

(13:59:15) Sally Gibson:

Hi I'm Sally Gibson. Co-chair of the Membership Committee. Thank you for attending today. It is our first time holding a membership meeting via ALA Connect Chat so hopefully you will find the session informative.

(14:00:53) Anne Reever Osborne:

Good afternoon.

(14:01:07) Claudia Ruediger:

Our guests today are Jill Gremmels, CLS Vice-Chair and Doug Lehman, CLS Chair. They will talk about and field questions about the work of this section and how to get involved.

(14:02:08) Douglas Lehman:

I am here. I'm sure Jill will be along. In fact there she is.

(14:02:23) Gillian Gremmels:

I'm here! ALA knows me as Gillian.

(14:02:57) Claudia Ruediger:

Hello Doug and Jill! Would you like to start the ball rolling?

(14:03:23) Sally Gibson:

Perhaps mention what is new with CLS.

(14:03:30) Douglas Lehman:

Sure. Welcome everyone.

(14:04:02) Douglas Lehman:

Well, the main thing that is new with CLS is me. I've been serving as chair since the Annual meeting in New Orleans. Jill will be Chair at the end of Annual 2012.

(14:05:00) Gillian Gremmels:

Another thing that is new is the opportunity to volunteer for CLS committees.

(14:05:19) Douglas Lehman:

We do have a program planned for Annual 2012 in Anaheim. I'm trying to remember what it is right off the top of my head and am drawing a blank. Sorry I just came from another meeting and am trying to move into my CLS mind.

(14:05:59) Claudia Ruediger:

Jill can you explain how to volunteer for CLS committees?

(14:06:12) Gillian Gremmels:

There are 11 committees, and they all welcome new members. More info here: Charges and rosters:

(14:06:16) Sunem Beaton-Garcia:

Hello everyone, Gillian can you tell us about the committees

(14:06:45) Gillian Gremmels:

To volunteer, go here: http://www.acrl.org/ala/mgrps/divs/acrl/membership/volunteer/volunteer.cfm Click on the big “Volunteer Now” at the bottom of the page.

(14:06:56) Monique Threatt:

Is there any audio

(14:07:28) Sally Gibson:

No, the chat feature does not have audio.

(14:07:53) Anne Reever Osborne:

What are the most pressing volunteer needs that CLS has at this time?

(14:08:48) Gillian Gremmels:

Committee assignments are for two years, so each year about half the membership of each committee potentially rolls over. All committees have needs, so pick the ones that most interest you.

(14:08:56) Anne Reever Osborne:

or should I have said "rewarding" instead of pressing?:-)

(14:09:15) Claudia Ruediger:

Can you explain CLS' charge and the kinds of work the section does?

(14:10:15) Gillian Gremmels:

Rewarding is a judgment you'll have to make for yourself. I suggest looking at the charges and contacting the current committee chair to find out more about what the committee is working on now.

(14:10:45) Douglas Lehman:

I'll take Claudia's question.

(14:11:01) Arletha Ford:

I do not want to leave the chat right now so can you name a few of the 11 committees

(14:11:37) Monique Threatt:

Unfortunately, clicking on the links removes you from the chatroom

(14:11:46) Diana Symons:

Arletha, if you right-click on the links they'll open up in new tabs so you can look over the committee lists while staying here too

(14:11:47) Douglas Lehman:

Jill, if you want to answer Arletha I can answer Claudia's question in a minute.

(14:12:03) Gillian Gremmels:

Best Practices, CLIP Notes, College Library Directors Discussion Group [more to come]

(14:12:43) Gillian Gremmels:

Communications, Conference Program Planning (for Chicago in 2013), Leadership, Medium-Sized Academic Libraries Discussion Group,

(14:13:01) Douglas Lehman:

Another option to see the committees would be to open another window or tab and go to the CLS site on ACRL. http://www.ala.org/ala/mgrps/divs/acrl/aboutacrl/directoryofleadership/s...

(14:13:14) Gillian Gremmels:

Membership, Nominating, Professional Development, and Research for College Librarianship

(14:14:17) Arletha Ford:


(14:14:36) Anne Reever Osborne:

I noticed the "Your Research Coach" program and would be interested in getting coaching for a potential research project. How active is this program?

(14:14:36) Douglas Lehman:

To follow up on the committee question, you may hear it is hard to get involved in ACRL and CLS...it isn't? Both are always looking for good librarians. If you don't get a committee assignment the first time, don't give up.

(14:15:24) Elizabeth Park E.:

I'm curious about the Research Coach program too.

(14:15:40) Gillian Gremmels:

I think the Research Coach program has several projects going, but I haven't heard anything suggesting that they don't welcome inquiries.

(14:15:47) Arletha Ford:

As a student in an MLS programs what are the benefits of volunteering on a committe?

(14:16:18) Douglas Lehman:

Arletha, perhaps the main benefit is making contact with other librarians and people you may work with in the future.

(14:17:01) Gillian Gremmels:

Current chair of Research is Laurie Preston of Randolph-Macon College.

(14:17:20) Douglas Lehman:

ALA is moving toward greater flexibility with membership on committees. In fact, most ACRL committees have virtual members and most CLS committees only meet in person one time a year at ALA Annual.

(14:17:25) Anne Reever Osborne:


(14:18:05) Gillian Gremmels:

I would echo what Doug said about getting involved. If you volunteer, you are very likely to get a committee! And my gratitude, as my main job this year is to make committee assignments!

(14:18:05) Mary Francis:

Yes, I'm a virtual member of Professional Development right now. It works very well meeting online.

(14:18:25) Charleen Davis:

That is wonderful as I am not certain that I can make both annual meetings.

(14:18:33) Douglas Lehman:

I know that Laurie Preston is trying to make strides in keeping the "Research Coach" program active so feel free to contact her for more information.

(14:19:08) Debbi Waters:

I just looked at the committee listings, is there one that deals in some way with the physical space planning or architecture of libraries?

(14:19:25) Sally Gibson:

I agree with Doug. The opportunity to meet other librarians is wonderful. I have a list of people I can contact with work related questions. It can be especially helpful to find out how other institutions solved a problem.

(14:19:26) Anne Reever Osborne:

Great question Debbi as I am interested in this topic as well!

(14:19:37) Douglas Lehman:

Yes, the only F2F meetings at ALA Midwinter in Dallas this year will be the CLS Executive Committee and the two discussion groups (College Library Directors and Medium-Sized College Libraries).

(14:19:38) Gillian Gremmels:

I left out the College Library Directors Discussion Group.

(14:20:15) Douglas Lehman:

To Debbi's question, I am not aware of a CLS or ACRL committee that deals with those areas. There are LLAMA committees and discussion groups that do.

(14:20:30) Gillian Gremmels:

Debbi, there isn't a committee that deals specifically with architecture or space planning, but those topics come up frequently at the directors' discussion group. I wouldn't be surprised if the other discussion group talks about them, too.

(14:20:44) Anne Reever Osborne:

Is there scholarship or financial assistance available to travel for committee meetings if an institution is not able to fund librarian travel?

(14:20:53) Douglas Lehman:

I've attended some of the discussion groups (you don't have to be a LLAMA member to attend) and they are useful.

(14:20:55) Gillian Gremmels:

Anne: Sadly, no.

(14:20:56) Debbi Waters:

Great to know, thank you.

(14:21:16) Elizabeth Park E.:

I'm curious about the MentorConnect program as well. Any tips?

(14:21:37) Gillian Gremmels:

The financial issue is one reason I'm so glad our committees aren't meeting physically at Midwinter and that virtual membership is a possibility.

(14:22:20) Anne Reever Osborne:

I am glad to know of the virtual membership and am more readily willing to volunteer with this opportunity available.

(14:22:53) Gillian Gremmels:

I understand!

(14:23:15) Douglas Lehman:

Elizabeth, I am not familiar with the MentorConnect program but a quick search indicates to me that it is an ALA initiative and not ACRL or CLS. I found this link on ALA Connect that has an FAQ and other information. http://connect.ala.org/taxonomy/term/12176

(14:24:04) Monique Threatt:

ok, I just volunteered for two committees. I hope I am appointed to at least one of them.

(14:24:22) Elizabeth Park E.:

Thanks Doug. I'll look around and see if I can find a mentor connected to a college library.

(14:24:37) Gillian Gremmels:

Did we ever talk about CLS's mission? It is basically to advance college librarianship. I think the key distinction is between college librarianship and university (R1) librarianship.

(14:24:38) Arletha Ford:

Can you expound about the application process?

(14:24:46) Gillian Gremmels:

Fantastic, Monique! Thanks!

(14:25:14) Gillian Gremmels:

Arletha, application for what?

(14:25:26) Douglas Lehman:

The Mission, no. Although I started to and we got off on other stuff.

(14:25:27) Arletha Ford:

to volunteer

(14:25:56) Douglas Lehman:

Officially the mission is this: "The purpose of the College Libraries Section of the Association of College and Research Libraries is "... to advance college librarianship and encourage the development of library services in baccalaureate degree-granting institutions."

(14:26:41) Gillian Gremmels:

Sure. There is an online form that you need to fill out before February 15. Don't wait that long, though; I'd hate for you to forget! The form is in one of the links I sent earlier in the chat.

(14:27:00) Arletha Ford:

Glancing at the requirements it seems an electronic acceptance form is necessary

(14:27:00) Douglas Lehman:

Which is pretty much what Jill said. However, we have members from institutions that grant master's and doctoral degrees (I was at one of them when I joined CLS), so you are not restricted to only undergraduate degree granting institutions.

(14:27:13) Monique Threatt:

Even though I am at a university, will this have an impact on my volunteering to serve on a CLS committee? I guess I should have asked that question beforehand? hahaha

(14:27:35) Douglas Lehman:

No, I was at the University of Vermont when I served on my first CLS committee.

(14:27:44) Gillian Gremmels:

If you are a CLS member, you are eligible to serve on any committee, regardless of where you work. You could work at a public library; it wouldn't matter.

(14:27:53) Monique Threatt:

okay, I saw your response after I typed my question - lol

(14:27:57) Claudia Ruediger:

I'm from a medium-sized university and my issues are very much in line with CLS.

(14:28:25) Douglas Lehman:

Yes, as Claudia says, we have many members who find themselves more at home in CLS than ULS (I happen to be a member of both)

(14:28:41) Douglas Lehman:

And I spend most of my time with CLS activities.

(14:29:11) Gillian Gremmels:

It's important to me that CLS celebrate college librarianship. The institutions we serve are not just pale imitations of research universities, and neither are our libraries! OK, I'll get off my soapbox now.

(14:29:42) Anne Reever Osborne:


(14:29:51) Claudia Ruediger:

I agree!

(14:29:54) Anne Reever Osborne:

not about the soapbox but the comment...:-)

(14:30:44) Douglas Lehman:

Jill is correct. We have a very distinct mission as baccalaureate granting institutions, but there is some overlap between the traditional liberal-arts colleges and some of the comprehensive universities that do more undergraduate education.

(14:30:46) Anne Reever Osborne:

I have to log off to go to a meeting but will be volunteering for at least 2 committees. Thanks for the information!

(14:30:58) Gillian Gremmels:

Thanks, Anne!

(14:31:00) Douglas Lehman:

Great. Nice to meet you Anne and I hope to see you soon.

(14:32:18) Sally Gibson:

Jill, could you mention CLIPP notes and the changes which are happening.

(14:32:27) Gillian Gremmels:

What other questions do you have about CLS?

(14:33:06) Gillian Gremmels:

Happy to talk about CLIPP! It was my committee before I became vice-chair. CLIPP (College Library Information on Policy and Practice) is the new format of CLIP Notes.

(14:33:24) Douglas Lehman:

If I could take a minute to also talk about the CLS leadership. In addition to the committees and discussion groups there are elected members of the Executive Committee. There is a chair (me), vice-chair/chair-elect (Jill), secretary (Amy Badertscher from Kenyon), and two members-at-large (Carolyn Carpan, Hamilton and Ann Watson, Shepard University). They are elected each year (the terms of office vary), but you may find you want to become more involved than just a committee membership (we are also looking for committee chairs). And now I'll let Jill talk about CLIPP.

(14:33:43) Nicole Ream-Sotomayor:

What are the ways in which CLS "advance[s] college librarianship and encourage[s] the development of library services in baccalaureate degree-granting institutions"? I follow the Collib-L list and find that to be a great source of information regarding work in college libraries. Is the other forum for encouraging and advancing college librarianship primarily the conferences?

(14:34:26) Lisa Broughman:

I think I might feel a little awkward chairing a committee I've never been a member of!

(14:34:27) Gillian Gremmels:

You'll remember CLIP Notes as booklets compiling policies and procedures on various topics (most recently strategic planning, collection development, and web searching instruction).

(14:35:39) Douglas Lehman:

Hi Nicole. Collib-L is a great source for information. We do the program at annual conference. We have the CLS Newsletter. While the ACRL conference does not work the same way, many CLS members work on that conference. (Nicole is a Wittenberg alum and worked for us in the library!)

(14:35:49) Gillian Gremmels:

It used to be hard to find out how other libraries handled problems or initiatives, but it isn't now. So CLIPP will become more research-oriented and substantive. Claudia, you're on the committee now. Would you like to chime in?

(14:36:07) Nicole Ream-Sotomayor:

:) Thanks, Doug!

(14:37:42) Douglas Lehman:

To address Lisa's comment, yes that might be awkward. We tend to draw our committee chairs from the committee membership, so it usually helps to be on the committee first, but it isn't a requirement. If you have experience with that area it can be done.

(14:37:48) Claudia Ruediger:

I'm a brand new member of CLIPP so am still in the learning mode. But I can say from past committee memberships, the information sharing that occurs as you work on section / committee projects is invaluable.

(14:38:24) Gillian Gremmels:

CLIPP will be looking for authors, too, so it's a great publication opportunity.

(14:39:25) Douglas Lehman:

And it also addresses Nicole's question about how we advance college librarianship. CLIPP can be a great source for that.

(14:40:20) Claudia Ruediger:

And to echo a comment Sally made earlier, section involvement has given me a cadre of colleagues I can tap for ideas and advice.

(14:41:33) Sally Gibson:

Are there any questions that have not been addressed yet?

(14:41:53) Douglas Lehman:

To be honest, I think that has been the greatest thing my participation in CLS (and other sections) has done for me. You develop these relationships and you get to know other librarians. Trust me, whatever problems you may be dealing with, someone else has probably already had to deal with it too.

(14:42:34) Gillian Gremmels:

And you get the sense of really making a difference to the section, to ACRL, and to the profession.

(14:43:18) Dominique Winn:

My question would be the practical aspects of getting on the Colllib-LIst?
This has been a good discussion.

(14:43:24) Claudia Ruediger:

Yes, the contribution to our profession is definitely a reward.

(14:44:45) Douglas Lehman:

Domnique, here is a link to the CLS website that talks about subscribing to COLLIB-L. http://www.ala.org/ala/mgrps/divs/acrl/aboutacrl/directoryofleadership/s...

(14:45:49) Douglas Lehman:

Those URLs get pretty long, don't they? If you go to the CLS website through the ALA and ACRL websites, you'll find a link to it on the front page of the CLS site. It will give you all the information you need to subscribe.

(14:47:25) Sally Gibson:

If there are no other questions, I would like to thank you for attending today. Thank you Doug and Jill for answering the questions. If you would like any additional information feel free to contact Doug, Jill, Claudia, or me. I am very pleased that several of you are willing and ready to get involved with CLS.

(14:48:00) Diana Symons:

Thanks, all!

(14:48:01) Gillian Gremmels:

My email is jigremmels@davidson.edu. Happy to answer questions offline! Thanks, everyone!

(14:48:12) Elizabeth Park E.:

Thank you!

(14:48:24) Claudia Ruediger:

Thanks everyone!

(14:48:45) Kimberly Copenhaver:

Thank you for an informative chat session!

(14:49:12) Douglas Lehman:

You are welcome. Good luck. Keep an eye out for the CLS program at annual. It is: Reference Resurrected: Models for the 21st-Century College Library

(14:49:24) Nicole Ream-Sotomayor:

Thanks everyone!

(14:50:27) Monique Threatt:

Thank you.

(14:52:13) Arletha Ford:

Thanks for all the great information