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Virtual meeting--EBSS Publications and Communications Committee

As you probably remember, we decided at the annual meeting last summer to hold our midwinter meeting virtually.  Olivia and I decided several weeks ago to try for the first part of January.  I have looked at everybody's location, and it seems that we have at least one member in each of the four North American time zones--giving us a rather small choice of time slots, if we want to meet at a comfortable time for everybody.

It seems to me that the following times would be closest to such a comfortable time:

Morning:  Eastern 11-12; Central 10-11; Mountain 9-10; Pacific 8-9.

Afternoon: Eastern 3-4; Central 2-3; Pacific 1-2; Mountain 12-1.     OR

Eastern 4-5; Central 3-4; Pacific 2-3; Mountain 1-2.

I couldn't figure out how to send a doodle poll without typing in all the email address, so please just let us which days (that is, January 9-13 or 16) and times you would prefer to meet. 

And please be thinking of any agenda items you would like to suggest.

Hope you are all having a wonderful end-of-semester-holidays-are-coming week.








Beth Kumar (non-member)'s picture

I would prefer meeting the 9th or 10th, any time on those days.


Bee Gallegos's picture

I am basically okay with any day except Friday 1/13. 

I noticed the times in the different time zones are off. I'm in Mountain time and now that daylight savings time is off we are 1 hour ahead of Pacific and 1 hour behind central.  Except for morning times which is correct it shouw Mountain behind Pacific.



Olivia Reinauer's picture

Thanks for handling the scheduling, Nancy. I can do any time except 11-12 EST on the 16th (sorry, should have noticed that earlier)!


Ruth Mirtz's picture

Jan. 9 or 10 work better for me--any time slot.


Ruth Mirtz

Lori Mestre's picture

Hi,  I'm good for any of those days and times


Lori Mestre, Ed.D; M.A.L.S.
Professor and Head, Undergraduate Library
245 Undergraduate Library MC-522
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 62801

Rachel Wadham's picture

I would be available the 9th and 10th in the morning.  The 11-13 & 16 anytime