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Agenda: Virtual Midwinter 2012 meeting


ACRL-IS Management and Leadership Committee

 Virtual Midwinter Meeting

Date:  December 14, 2011 3-4:30p.m. EST


1)       Announcements and welcome to new members

2)      Survey Project: recap and wrap-up

We will provide an overview of the survey project for our new member and will discuss the process of getting approval for, and launching, the surveys.

3)      Workbook Project:


Three items are contained on the timeline for January-June 2012 regarding publicizing the Workbook document: a post to the ACRL facebook page, a Post on the ACRL log, and submit a proposal for an upcoming conference program (ACRL 2013, or LOEX 2014).  We will discuss these projects in detail and will determine a workflow for completing the work by Annual, 2012.


4)      Other Business


Submitted by Meg Grotti, Chair

December 5, 2011