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Agenda - Nov. 22, 2011 meeting, RUSA Publications and Communications Committee


RUSA Publications and Communications Committee

November 22, 2011 (12:30 p.m. ET)


  1. Welcome and introductions
  2. Volunteer note-taker?
  3. Overview and status of Emerging Leaders RUSA Blog project (Amber)
  4. Discussion re: developing online "expert clearinghouse" (see Appendix A for background information)
  5. Create and assign any next steps


Appendix A - Background on Expert Clearinghouse

In the RUSA Strategic Plan, the committee is charged with the development of an online expert clearinghouse. "Continue work on the clearinghouse to put forward the expertise of RUSA and help our members and the profession with issues of interest in the profession and related fields.  (Communications and Publications committee and its Section liaisons to lead.)"

I emailed Neal Wyatt (the idea originated when she was RUSA president) to find out more about what the Board envisioned, and I've excerpted what she had to say here:

What we were thinking back then was that RUSA had so many experts members who were writing and thinking about a range of critical topics,  that we should mine that wealth and have a place where it could be shared with all.

The idea was that committees would be asked to produce documents but we would also collect publications from our members published in journals, blogs, etc. We would post these (or links to them) in one place and work on promoting the location as a place to get information on relevant topics. 

 For the committees we were thinking things like quick crash courses or white papers on topics - for example, the five things you need to read about ebooks or the five article to read on access.  Topics would be generated in each section for the white papers but also from your committee - asking for folks to write pieces or to find the essential articles, etc.