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Action Items from the November 16, 2011 iLinc meeting

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Thanks for posting the edits, John.  These both look good, especially since Katie added the comment that we will be using the name and email of the person assigned on the letter from Steven.



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Now we are up to date on all of our letters.

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I reposted the Vice Chair Informal Invite document with an additional comment.  Please see below. 

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Thanks for bringing your editing questions to us Erin.


I see you point about the disconnect between the "from" and the signature. I would recommend going with my name as the "From" since I'm signing off on the letter.


I think we can add personalization to the appointments committee member two ways. 


First, as you suggested, it could be part of the sentence "Feel free to contact me or [John Pollitz].

Second, in the second sentence of the first paragraphy it could read "[John Pollitz] of the Appointments Committee had recommended you to me...." - so that's a second mention of the committee member's name.


Please let me know if this seems reasonable.



Steven Bell Associate University Librarian Temple University bells@temple.edu http://stevenbell.info