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Minutes, 11/11/11

Tags: Minutes

RUSA Membership Meeting


Attendees: Danielle Angerbauer; Rachael Elrod; Megan Mcardle; Bill McHugh; Arlie Sims; Liz Markel; Jene Rene; Patrick Oberholtzer;  Greg Tong; Liane Taylor; Nora Dethloff

Not Attending: Alicia Ahlvers; Joe Thompson; Alesia McManus




Location: Adolphus Hotel, Century Ballroom A, Saturday, 6-8pm



  • Liz: Follow up with Thomson Reuters re: projector (goal: not to have one!)
  • Liz: Finalize raffle items by December 9 (try Powell’s, not just Amazon; conference registration; RUSA membership; ALA merchandise)
  • Liz: Evite
  • Liane: Send update to RUSA Update editor re: location
  • Liane: Make sure RUSA Board and section leaders have representation at Social



  • Keep it casual, mindful of folks who are standing alone
  • Thomson Reuters can have a table, or greet, or have several folks there
  • Avoid formal presentation if we can


RUSA 101:

TIME/DATE: Friday, 3-4p



  • RUSA 101 team to draft structure of an hour-long 101 and list of possible vendor sponsors by WEDS, DEC 7
  • Liz to start sending out promo by Dec 14


  • Need 101s: People are overwhelmed and want someone to tell them how to get involved, how it all works
  • Don’t want to replace human contact, so online 101 should not replace conference 101
  • Other divisions have very successful 101s (see Danielle’s email; also in Connect)
  • Being in the conference program is important; can’t be in the program if scheduled in a no-conflict time
    • No conflict time is Friday, 4-7:30p
    • Used to hold 101 on Friday at 4p
    • Don’t want to schedule same time as section Happy Hours:
      • BRASS, Fri  5.30p
      • STARS, Fri 6.30p
      • MARS, Sat 5p
      • Difficult to schedule before Happy Hours because on Friday, we wouldn’t be in conference program and Saturday would be too late; also hard to schedule 101 in a private/off-site restaurant, due to having to pay for location or food
      • What doesn’t work: It doesn’t work if not in conference program, and if we’re just doing a booth presentation
      • We’ll try Friday, 3-4, see how it works; may be too early?
        • Start marketing BEFORE folks reserve their flights
        • Work with NMRT!
        • Can also do an ONLINE complement. Some ideas generated by RUSA Exec/RUSA Office at 2011 Fall Leadership Meeting
          • Offer on website before Annual
          • Highlighting what RUSA does and is planning for the Conference
          • If it were offered as part of a series of webinars highlighting Conference themes offered shortly before Annual, together such webinars could serve several purposes, not only serving to inform about RUSA, but also serving a lead-in to the Conference, and possibly also attracting members who are unable to attend the conference.
          • Also: short (5-6 slides) presentation about RUSA available to membership at anytime from the website, and which might also be used in working with library schools to help attract new members