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BRASS Education Commitee Meeting (Minutes) ALA Annual Conference 2011 - New Orleans

BRASS Education Committee Meeting (Minutes)

ALA Annual Conference

Saturday, June 25 from 10:30 – 12PM

Sheraton, Salon 829


Present: John Juricek, Louise Feldmann, Todd Hines, Connie Strittmatter, Joel Thornton, Monica Hagan, Rhonda Kleiman, Susan Schreiner, Michelle Allen, Leticia Camacho (Chair) , Paul Brothers

Excused: Natasha, Mary and Jared

  1. Call to order: Paul Brothers volunteered to take minutes
  2. Welcome and introductions/roster –
  3. Announcements: Todd Hines (ex officio from BRASS Exec.) announced that Minority Service Award is going away – S&P will not provide on-going support; BRASS Emerald Award – we have not received funding for this one yet but when we do it will be for one award and not two
  4. Todd passed around BRASS Program flyer for Monday AM program
  5. Paul – encouraged members to check their LibGuides periodically for updating
  6. Libguide assignments were divided (see attached form for names associated with areas)
  7. Lety mentioned using Google translator – Monica and Lety will investigate “turning on” this feature in LibGuides
  8. There was a discussion about copyright on the LibGuides page and if it was necessary to have a separate statement on each person’s guide.  This issue was tabled for further discussion.
  9. Paul briefed members on the preconference.  There were 16 paid attendees.  Connie Strittmatter suggested having two back-to-back sessions.  This could then be sold as one or both programs depending on the attendees needs and budget. [I learned from RUSA Board of Directors meeting that preconferences are going to be shortened by one hour i.e. ending at 4PM rather than 5PM.] Shika Sharma will be coordinating the MBA in a Day for Anaheim.  Michelle Allen and Susan Schreiner will be assisting her.

10.  Connie Strittmatter announced that Todd Hines will be taking her place with RUSA Professional Development.


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Great Natasha. Thanks for letting me know. Let me know if there is anything I need to do for the committee.


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