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Minutes from September 2011 Virtual Meeting

ACRL Literatures in English Section

Membership Committee Meeting

Wednesday, September 21, 2011, 4:00-5:00 pm (EST)



Present: Jaena Alabi (chair), Jennifer Bartlett, Amanda Dinscore, John Glover (guest), Liorah Golomb, Melissa Mallon, David Oberhelman, Laura Taddeo


Introductions: Members introduced themselves.

Current Membership Statistics: The latest membership statistics received from ACRL show that LES had 591 members at the end of July 2011.  This number is up approximately 10% from the same time in 2010.

Planning for 2012 Midwinter Meeting

  • Topic: LibGuides
  • Presenters: Arianne Hartsell-Gundy, Amanda Dinscore, Jen Bartlett, David Oberhelman.
  • David will coordinate presenters for the forum. Jen suggested all presenters work together to create a session outline to reduce duplication of common themes/examples.
  • Date: Jaena suggested holding the forum during the first week of December. After receiving input from the committee members, Monday, December 5th seems to be the best date.  The meeting will be held from 4-5pm Eastern/1-2pm Pacific.
  • Location: Virtual: technology/platform for meeting?
  • One limitation of WebEx is that we can only have 25 people on a meeting.  We may want to consider another platform (such as Adobe Connect if someone from LES has access to it) to allow more attendees.  If no one else from LES has experience with Connect, John Glover said he’d be willing to try it out since his institution has it.

Old Business

  • Update Job Shadowing Program—Liorah
    • Liorah contacted Arianne, who began the program last year.  Arianne began contacting LES members and asking for volunteers in October, so Liorah will follow that same schedule.
  • Facebook Group—Jaena
    • The LES Facebook group was created a few years ago and since then Facebook has revised its groups.  Our LES group (with 99 members) is scheduled to be archived. Jaena has created a new LES group and will send an announcement to LES-L so that people can join.
    • Liorah will investigate creating a group in Google +.

New Business

  • Discuss possibility of a membership drive or other ways to promote LES membership
    • Postponed until the next Membership Committee meeting.
  • Plan to update LES Directory of Literature Librarians (January)
    • In January, the Membership Committee will divide up the Directory of Literature Librarians.  Each member will be responsible for emailing about 20 to 30 people from the directory to check the accuracy of their information.
    • The committee plans to have the directory updated and sent to the LES Publications Committee by February 28th.
  • Future Membership Forum Options
    • Outreach using campus CMS: Rebecca Oling; Online Instruction: Aline Soules
    • Discussion postponed until the next Membership Committee Meeting.
  • Other ideas/suggestions from committee members present?
  • The next meeting will be shortly after the general membership forum.  Jaena will send out Doodle poll to committee members to decide the day/time for that meeting.