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Seminars Committee Virtual Meeting


The RBMS Seminars Commitee is holding a virtual meeting on iday, October 14, at 1pm EST. We will be using Skype to set up a group conference call.

  The agenda for the meeting has been posted to ALA Connect and the Seminars Wiki; or, you can access it here: http://wikis.ala.org/acrl/index.php?title=Agenda_for_October_14,_2011_Virtual_Meeting&action=edit&redlink=1  

If you are not a member of the committee, but wish to attend, please contact Danielle Culpepper (dculpepper@virginia.edu) by Thursday, October 13, for information concerning how to phone in.

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just tried to look at the Oct 2011 agenda for the virtual meeting and it is linked to the agenda from November 2010 last year     -not sure if this is by mistake ? or it has not yet been updated for the meeting of the 14th Oct 2011

cheers, Karen Weaver

please forward instructions as indicated on attending via Skype/phone : weaverk@duq.edu

Thank you !

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We've had problems with the wiki, and our agenda seemed to disappear.  Please follow this corrected link, which should take you to the agenda for our October 14, 2011 meeting.


Thanks for bringing this problem to our attention.

~Danielle Culpepper

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Great - thank you for the updated link to the Oct 14 agenda

Best regards,

Karen Weaver