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Forum Presenters Materials for Download

Materials from the 2011 LITA National Forum presentations can be downloaded from here.

Presenters: File naming convention - first two words of the title from your proposal.  Add your files as an attachment to this document.

Note: There is a 20MB size limit on file uploads, and you may only upload files with permitted file extensions.  These include common Office (and OpenOffice) file formats, common graphics formats, and PDF.  They do not include ZIP files.  You may need to break up your session materials into several parts.  Our apologies for this as we try this new methodology.



Building library mobile web - LITA2011-Wang and Mi-final.pptx315.4 KB
Google_Apps_For_Your_Library.ppt901.5 KB
Trends at a glance (dashboards).pdf1.6 MB
Conducting_usability_poster.pdf632.15 KB
Out Of The Box or API a Tale of Primo Implementation.pdf6.87 MB
Getting_a_Handle_on_Reusable_Learning_Objects.ppt464.5 KB
Digital Preservation Practices and Strategies at Colorado State University Libraries.pptx6.8 MB
Leveraging the cloud for nimble web project management 532.28 KB
Social Networking the Catalog.doc31.5 KB
The RUresearch Data Portal.pptx1.38 MB
Outside_Our_CZ.pptx3.08 MB
Data visualization and digital humanities research:  3.25 MB
eXtensible Catalog tools for RDA FRBR and linked data.pptx9.49 MB
but_i'm_not_graphic_designer.pdf768.77 KB
60%EbooksPatronDrivenAcqPosterPage1ElliotPolak352.8 KB
60%EbooksPatronDrivenAcqPosterPage2ElliotPolak368.72 KB
Making waves: Library IT as a disruptive force [with discussion notes]565.26 KB
LinkingLibraryUsersToInfoThroughData.pdf2.48 MB
LinkingLibraryUsersToInfoThroughData.docx22.42 KB
Building New Open Linked Library.pptx7.24 MB
LITA2011BHLcrowdsrc_articles.pptx4.64 MB
Drupal-and-Summon-Varnum.pdf2.65 MB
onTheFlyMobileRedesign_posterSession.pdf1.05 MB
subject-snapshots-slides.pdf3.88 MB
Two_Approaches.pptx5.15 MB
leveraging data to personalize site.pptx3.88 MB
LITA_Evolving_Sem_World_v8.pptx6.28 MB
LITA2011_Poster.pdf2.35 MB
Encouraging Technology Poster.pdf284.14 KB
cloudy_in_malibu_pepperdine_libraries_migration_to_oclcs_webscale_management_system.pptx3.14 MB
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Re_Purposing_OpenURL_Data.ppt72 KB
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Please let me know if you have any questions.

Don't have rights to edit page... so, attaching to comment instead. 

Web Development Librarian
California State University San Marcos

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Sorry the file is locked for editing, so I am attaching here.

Anita Hall (non-member)'s picture

Slides with poll results attached. 

Kyle Cook (non-member)'s picture

I would be interested in viewing slides from the three keynote addresses. Thanks.

Dana Caudle (non-member)'s picture

Karen Coyle has posted the text of her keynote address on the web at http://kcoyle.net/presentations/lita2011.html

Dana M. Caudle

Cataloging and Metadata Librarian

Auburn University Libraries




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I was thrilled to see the slides from Barbara McGlamery's excellent presentation, thanks for posting!  And, just wondering what happened to the picture of the Semantic Web Cake??????  


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Unable to attach files above, so including in comment.

Wayne Johnston (non-member)'s picture

Data Management Services as a Foundation for Repository Growth and Integration


Please let me know if you have questions or comments.

Wayne Johnston (wajohnst@uoguelph.ca)

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Practical Approaches to the Cloud in YOUR Library, Edward M. Corrado & Heather Lea Moulaison

David Newyear's picture

 "Extending Library Services with AI Conversational Agents"

David Newyear: david.newyear@mentorpl.org

Michele McNeal: mmcneal@akronlibrary.org

AI_Conversational_Agents.pptx3.68 MB
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Does anyone have the slides or know where the slides for the QR code presentation are? They'd be very handy.

EDIT: Librarian, heal thyself. Google led me to the slides.