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NMRT Midwinter Social 2012




I wanted to let everyone know that I have gone ahead and booked The
City Tavern in Dallas for the Mid-Winter Social, on January 21, 2012
from 5:30-7:30.  I was recently in Dallas for another conference and
decided to check some places out.  The City Tavern has a great vibe
and staff that is very willing to work with us.  The menu is basically
taken care of and will include:  vegetables, dip, assorted cheeses and
crackers, various quesadillas, and three types of sandwiches.  I think
everyone will be pleased, including those with certain palates, such
as myself, a vegetarian.  There will also be a cash bar available with $3

domestic beers, $4 imported beers, and $5 for a glass of wine or a

mixed drink.  We will have the entire 2nd floor just for the event, along

with a pool table, darts, and a DJ for music (request accepted).

We now need to think about what we would like to bring to the raffle.
Also, maybe someone could volunteer to create raffle tickets?  That
would be a great help.  I also need some help in promoting the event.
Here is the link to the venue, http://www.citytaverndowntown.com/.
As always, let me know your thoughts, ideas, and/or concerns.

Melissa Brisbin


I just wanted to say that I am really looking forward to working with 
all of you.  I thought a Google Group would be the best way for us to 
communicate and collaborate on this project and I hope everyone is 
okay with that decision.  I have contacted NMRT to see what type of 
budget we will have this year.  I also recently spoke to Karen Holt, 
who was in charge of this event for 2011.  For the previous social, 
the group decided to have it at  Borders, with free brownies, cookies, 
etc.  They also had everyone attending fill out a raffle ticket when 
they walked in the door and gave away swag from each of the team 
member's libraries.  (I really like the idea of giving away free 

I also got some great ideas from some friends on Facebook, including 
possibly having it an art gallery, collaborating with another event or 
group, and of course contacting a restaurant bar and perhaps seeing if 
they would be willing to do some sort of special Happy Hour for us. 
We could advertise the event on ALAConnect, NMRT FB page, as well as 
posting just about any other place we can think of. 

With all that said, I think having the event near the Convention 
Center is key.  Now I want to see and hear your ideas.  Again, I'm 
really looking forward to working with everyone. 

Melissa Brisbin 
Cape May County Library, NJ 
IT Department