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NMRT Committee 2011-12 Planning Reports

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Submitted 9/7/2011. - Natalie Clewell, Chair

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Shirley Olofson Memorial Award Committee - Planning report

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NMRT Handbook Committee Planning Report, submitted September 12, 2011.

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Student Chapter of the Year Award (SCOTYA) comittee report

SCOTYA_committee_planning_report.doc34.5 KB
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Membership, Promotion, Diversity and Recruitment Committee planning report.

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Attached is the Endnotes Committee Planning Report for 2011-2012. Thanks!

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Submitted 9/13/11 - Barbara Lewis, Chair.

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Submitted by Ava Iuliano and Bohyun Kim

Ava M. Brillat

University of Miami

Richter Library

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Our committee report is attached. 

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Submitted 9/14/11 by Easter M. DiGangi.

Easter DiGangi, MLS

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Here is the planning report for the Web Committee.

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2011-2012 NMRT Online Discussion Forum Committee Planning Report (see attached).

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Attached and also submitted as "Online Doc"

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The Annual Conference Local Information Committee Report.

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Submitted by Erin Dorney, Chair

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attached is the planning report for the Student Reception Committee

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Submitted by Andrea Mullarkey

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NMRT Awards Reception Committee Planning Report - submitted 9/16/11.

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With apologies for the tardiness of this report.  Respectfully submitted, Emily Prather-Rodgers

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11-12 Planning Report

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Submitted 9/27/11

archives_plan2011-12.doc33 KB
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The 2011-2012 report submitted 10/4/11 is attached.

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Committee Planning Report for Footnotes Committee 2011-2012.

Rekesha Spellman

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Posting the attached report on behalf of Melissa Brisbin

Rebecca K. Miller 

Head, Library Learning Services

Pennsylvania State University Libraries