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Updates since ALA Annual 2011

[This information was published previously, and is being moved here as part of a re-organization of the Group Categories.]

- Cindy Levine, RSS Archivist

by Don Boozer on Thu, 07/07/2011 - 7:47am

Some updates since the meeting:

Item V: Behind the Text: Pulling Back the Curtain on Virtual Reference

  • The committee's program was a success with 135 people attending (in full and in part cumulatively).
  • The SMS Poll did not work as planned; however, in the end the filler content was not needed.
  • Several people asked about the slides, and the committee is working to get these posted on ALA Connect.
  • Thanks to all the committee members who helped with logistics for the program at ALA including greeters, evaluation distributors, Henry Bankhead for getting the evaluation created and copied, and Ellen Hampton Filgo for the eye-catching flyer!

Item VI.B.: Program for 2012 ALA Annual

  • When last checked, RUSA Board was determining the time of the program, but it had made the last hurdle for being included in the roster for ALA 2012.